When a person receives a letter, the first in which he draws attention is its neatness, handwriting, paragraphs and other details, which can show how the author of the letter refers to the recipient. It is clear that when it errors, corrected, with very large brim or without, without date and without signature, the sender does not react to the recipient with respect. Therefore, even when the letter has not been read, it can say a lot. Hence the conclusion: to make a good impression, the letter should be properly decorated. Now directly on how to make a letter.

The construction of the letter should be: the appeal, direct the text of the letter, the conclusion, contains some form of politeness, signature and date.

Rules of registration:

1. The first part of the letter – appeal is written on a new line, contains the name of the recipient, and if the letter is official, and the name. After treatment is placed either a comma or a period or an exclamation point.

2. The text of the letter, of course, starts with a red line and with a capital letter. Right and left, top and bottom should be a field, of course, within reason. Writing should be legible and neat. Part of the letters that logically complete, need to make paragraphs. You must also observe the distance between paragraphs and lines

3. The final form of politeness should be written in the lower right corner. If a business letter or official, you can subscribe so “sincerely” or “respectfully”. If a family member or friend, there are so many options of how to finish a letter, for example: "sincerely (yours)", "Your or Yours", "Kiss", etc.

4. Also in the bottom right corner it is better to put and date.

5. Date no need to denote only numbers, as, for example, in England, the first number indicates the number of, and the US – a month. Therefore it is better to write so: March 1, 2010.

6. Stayed to get the envelope. The recipient's address is written in the lower right corner, and you should start with "who" and then write "where." And the sender's address is written, respectively, in the upper left corner.