Advice 1: What to do with sour cream

Cream – tasty and nutritious product of a fatty fraction of milk. From them prepare the butter, sour cream, pastry creams, added to tea and coffee. Whipped cream – the perfect complement to fresh berries. What to do if the cream is soured? It would seem that the simplest and most natural solution is to pour them. But no need to hurry, because the sour cream can be used in culinary and cosmetic purposes.
What to do with sour cream

What delicious dishes you can make with sour cream

From the rancid cream you can make very good pancakes. To do this, whisk 2 eggs with a small amount of sugar, add salt to taste, a pinch of baking soda and sour cream. Stir and add the sifted flour. Amount of flour depends on the amount of added cream. Sprinkle as much so in the end, after mixing it turned out pretty thick batter. Fry pancakes on both sides in hot oil, until Browning.
If you add to the dough, thinly sliced or grated on a medium grater Apple fritters are especially tasty.

The decoration of any table will be Gur pancakes. To prepare them, thoroughly mix 2 cups flour with 3 egg yolks and about 100 grams of melted butter. The resulting mixture, spread sour cream (about 200 ml). Add 3 whipped in a solid foam egg whites, again carefully mix. Pour a tablespoon of vegetable oil and bake pancakes on a very hot cast iron skillet.

You can also use sour cream when cooking some pies, omelettes, and sauces. Or, for example, to prepare potato casserole with sour-sweet filling. To do this, lightly fry thin slices of potatoes and onions, season with salt and pepper, place on a greased baking tray (the bottom layer of potatoes, then onion rings), pour sour cream sliced potatoes and bake in the oven. It's a very tasty dish.
In all cases we are talking about the liquid cream. If, however, soured cream, it is better to throw away food they are not suitable.

Mask and cream based sour cream

If you mix sour cream with the juice of ½ lemon, will make a great nourishing mask for normal skin. Incidentally, this same mixture with the addition of a teaspoon of liquid honey will be an excellent softening and whitening cream for hands. And for dry skin is a very good fit mask of sour cream mixed with cucumber, grated on a medium grater and lightly squeezed of excess liquid.

You can also wipe a skin cream without adding any other ingredients. By the cream can strengthen the nail plate, to eliminate stratification and even to get rid of the fungus.

Advice 2: How to make sour cream

Cream cream should have a good vzbivayte and keep in shape, so they need to take the high fat content, usually 33% or 35%. Whip the cream very cold, while carefully watching the process. When the white matter beneath the blades of the mixer thickens, stop whisking, otherwise it will be too oily and tasteless cream.
How to make sour cream
You will need
    • cream 33%
    • gelatin
    • powdered sugar
    • nuts
    • chocolate
    • coffee
The cream of the cream.

One Cup of whipping cream pour into the bowl. In a deep pan on the bottom, place pieces of ice and put the bowl on the ice. Start whipping cream on low speed of mixer, gradually increase. Enter a thin stream into the cream ½ Cup powdered sugar. The cream does not flow from the blades of the mixer. Divide the custard cream into a wide glasses and immediately serve. Cream on top you can sprinkle grated chocolate.
Cream of cream and coffee.

Brew a partial Cup of black strong coffee. When coffee has cooled, soak it in 2 tsp gelatin. The swollen gelatin dissolve over low heat. Cool.
Whisk 250 g cold cream 33%, enter under the blades of the blender 2 tablespoons of sugar. When the cream thickens, pour them into cooled coffee with the gelatin. Stir. Use for layer cakes.
The hazelnut cream.

Soak 1 tablespoon gelatine in ½ Cup water for 30 minutes. Swollen gelatin dissolve in a saucepan on the fire, stir until it is all dissolved. Peeled walnuts or hazelnuts (100 g) fry in a dry pan. Pour into a bowl and grind in a blender. Pour in chopped nuts ½ litre of cream 33%, add 1 Cup of powdered sugar. Through a strainer, enter the dissolved gelatin. Whisk the resulting mass until it thickens. Place kremanku and put in the fridge.
If you don't have powdered sugar, grind granulated sugar in a coffee grinder.
Useful advice
Whipped cream with icing sugar serve with fresh berries or sliced fruit. Cream cream without using gelatin cannot be stored. It must be done immediately before serving, so he was not stratified.

Advice 3: What to do with large cucumbers

If you have not had time to collect cucumbers from the garden, and they have outgrown, or just bought a large fruit, usually on sale they she order lower than those of normal size, do not worry. Large cucumbers can be cooked many delicious salads, snacks and care products for skin.
What to do with large cucumbers
If you have accumulated a large amount of cucumbers to process them is not difficult. Thus, the large fruit can be used in salads with fresh vegetables, and to do preparations for the winter. But the hostess found a large cucumber and many other applications, delicious and healthy. They make burgers, juice, pickles and many other Goodies.

Cucumber – around the head

Very tasty, the hostess, get cutlets cucumber "pigs". For their preparation the fruits overgrown grate, wring out juice. Then add in a lot a few tablespoons of flour and one teaspoon of potato starch (it is well absorbs excess liquid), to taste – salt, pepper and garlic. Thoroughly knead the mass, it should be the consistency of a thick cream. Form meatballs with a spoon and send them to a pan with hot vegetable oil. Fry pancakes on both sides until Golden brown. Ready meatballs can be fill with sauce of sour cream and garlic.

The sour cream in the filling can be replaced with mayonnaise. The sauce from it only will get more taste.

A good turn out and stuffed cucumbers. Cut the fruit lengthwise, remove the seeds, then stuff the cucumbers prepared with minced meat, flavored with garlic, pepper, salt, spices. Put cucumbers on a greased vegetable oil a baking sheet, top with grated cheese. Put on 20-30 minutes in the oven and after remove the sample.
Cucumbers of a large size can be fried like zucchini. Slice the fruit circles, roll them in flour and fry on both sides.

Urgently need to cook salted cucumbers? Then carefully rinse them, trim the tails. Slice the cucumbers slices, put in a strong plastic bag. Pour them with salt (1 kg of cucumbers will require 1 tablespoon of salt), garlic, add black currant leaves, seeds and sprigs of dill, stir and leave for an hour or two in a warm place. Then remove the bag in the refrigerator. Do not forget to periodically shake the bag so that the cucumbers get a good salty. 3-4 hours with food to ogurtcov it will be possible to remove the sample.

Miss the large fruit through a juicer, boil it and add the salt and spices as a brine, and you have a great marinade for pickling cucumbers.

Cucumber for beauty and health

Cucumber juice is a good tonic, whitens and cleanses the skin. Grate the cucumbers on a coarse grater, squeeze the juice, pour into molds for ice and freeze. Use cucumber cubes daily for facial care.

From the pulp to make a facial mask. It is possible to use only cucumber a lot, and you can diversify it with sour cream, yogurt, honey, egg.
Cucumber juice has a laxative effect and is recommended for those who suffer from chronic constipation.

A good remedy to care for problem skin – cucumber lotion. To make it, grate two large cucumber. Pour them a glass of vodka and put it on a day to infuse in a cool dark place. Then strain the through a cheesecloth and you can use it as needed. Keep this lotion is best in the fridge.

Large, over-ripe cucumbers are yellow-brown help to resolve and painful for many women the issue with the bones on your big toe. .For cures cucumbers salt in the usual way, and then after a month you can begin treatment. Rasparte feet, cut a slice from the cucumber, place it on the lump, cover with plastic wrap, secure with a bandage, put on socks and leave overnight. Few weeks bones begin to soften. You will just have to start massaging, mashing, and eventually they will disappear altogether.

Advice 4: What makes vegetable cream

Cream are eaten in a variety of ways. There are drinking cream, a thick sweet mixture, dry options. This category of products usually has high calorie content. However, the best option for those who are watching their weight, is a separate category of cream – vegetable.

The composition of herbal cream

Vegetable cream represent emulsion, composed mainly stabilizers, vegetable fats and oils. The taste quality of the traditional product is almost entirely preserved, however, this kind of cream consider kind of a low-calorie substitute for natural options.
Vegetable cream made in liquid or dry form. Regardless of the consistency, the composition of this product generally remains unchanged. The only difference is the method of processing ingredients.

In a conventional cream fat phase exceeds the water due to what appear fullness, the density of the composition and increased caloric. In a vegetable product, on the contrary, the aqueous phase is 70%, and from natural ingredients only used sugar and oil, which give the emulsion the appearance, resembling milk.

The most common vegetable oils for the manufacture of the cream are coconut, palm or soy. Milk and dairy products in this case are not present. Through the use of herbal supplements term storage of vegetable cream in several times higher than in natural products.
Vegetable cream often used in the production of certain drinks and diet sweets.

The process of manufacturing of herbal cream

Vegetable fats and oils used for the preparation of herbal cream, at the initial stage are partial gidrogeneratsia. This process is necessary for the conversion of liquid emulsion in solid fatty acids. Then, the mixture is combined with dyes, thickeners, emulsifiers, sugars and preservatives.

Some manufacturers make vegetable cream based on milk protein. Such products taste more like thick milk.

Benefits of herbal cream

Very popular herbal cream used in cooking and become an integral part of numerous diets. To apply this product very beneficial. For example, while beating with a mixer cream plant, their volume increases several times. Relatively neutral taste qualities allow to use them for cooking both sweet and meat dishes. Often the product becomes an ingredient for sauces and dressings to salads.

One of the most significant advantages of herbal cream is considered to be reduced calorie. Due to these properties, the product can be eaten even for those who carefully watching their figure and afraid of the appearance of extra pounds due to love of sweets.

Disadvantages of herbal cream

Some experts believe vegetable cream harmful food. The reason is primarily a high content of preservatives. To use such products too often is not recommended. Vegetable cream cheaper and more economical than natural, but useful components in them practically is not present.
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