You will need
Conventional dry cream enough to fill with warm or hot water and can be consumed as part of coffee or tea. To beat such a product is impossible, for home baking use special dry powder for whipping.
If you use dry cream as a component for tea or coffee, breed them depending on the fat content. In the sale often come across mixtures with a fat content of 42-43% in 100 grams, fill them three-fold amount of water. When choosing a milk substitute, consider your own preferences, try to buy familiar products - visually distinguish a fake is difficult.
For preparation of various culinary products is designed with special pastry cream substitutes. In the market you can find a sweet dry powder for whipping. It includes plant material, and to dissolve such cream can cold milk or water, then whipped with a mixer.
On the basis of dry whipping cream to make dessert. Take 1.5 cups of sweet dry powder and cover with cold water - 0,5 tbsp. Mixture mix well, add as much water and leave in the fridge for a day. Chilled mousse, beat with a mixer or whisk for five to seven minutes. Eat alone or use for decorating confectionery products.
Prepare the cream, the main component of which is a dry cream. Take the bag of gelatin and dissolve it in 0,5 glass of milk. Leave gelatin to swell, then heat but do not boil, then cool. During this time, dry whisk the cream with 1 Cup milk and enter into the mass of warm gelatin.
Take sponge cake layers or bake the chocolate for this recipe. You will need: two eggs, 0.5 cups sugar, 50 g dark chocolate, 50 ml cream, 0.5 St. flour. Pour the diluted dry cream in a small bowl and bring to the boil, then melt the chocolate. The ingredients mix well and leave to cool. In a Cup break two eggs and mix them with the sugar using a mixer for 5-7 min. the chocolate enter gradually, continue beating for some time.
Prepare the flour, leave her out gently, put the dough in the prepared pan and bake at 220 degrees. The readiness of the biscuit is determined by the formed crust. Remove the cake from oven and let cool. As decoration use berries or slices of fruit. You can just pour the mousse on the surface of the cake, or divide it in half, grease the inside, and the top decorate with crushed chocolate.