Sometimes found the recipe will turn out much tastier if you use cream, but unfortunately won't be home.

At home you can prepare the cream that will suit you: thick or liquid, oily or not. We will need two products – butter and milk. When you select should pay attention to the production date, you need fresh products. Milk any fat, but if you want the heavy cream, then milk, you should choose the appropriate.

If at home you have no disposable handkerchiefs or napkins and gauze, they also need to purchase.

  1. Butter cut into pieces, put into a saucepan of medium size and pour all the milk. Turn the fire on the stove, don't make it overly strong or weak. The contents of the pan, put on stove, need to stir constantly so the butter will dissolve faster.
  2. Not necessary to bring milk to the boil. The gas can be turned off if you make sure that butter is fully dissolved.
  3. Still warm, freshly removed from the plate with the yoghurt in a blender. It should vzbivayte for 7 minutes. If you have a blender, you can use a mixer or at least a fork, but will have to try to carefully whisk the milk and butter.
  4. Then pour the milk into a jug or bowl, cover with a gauze or cloth and date of the cool liquid. After about 40 minutes the bowl is removed in the refrigerator and leave there from 7-9 hours. If you're worried that the cream will turn runny, you can add a thickener out of the package before you pour the mixture in a blender.

There is another option to create a cream, but it is suitable for those who have the opportunity to take organic milk. Of course, it is best if it is fresh from the cow. In a glass jar filled with milk and retracts. After some time at the top will appear soft, dense foam – it needs to be removed with a spoon and put into a bowl. In fact, the cream is ready! Milk from the store is not suitable for this recipe, since the factory has already all the "juice" squeezed out, so that froth is unlikely to emerge.

Now you know how to make a cream with your hands at home.