Make some ice by freezing water in a mould. The cream and utensils for whipping refrigerate for 1-2 hours. In the freezer - impossible to put cream kristallizuetsya.
Remove the food from the refrigerator, and the ice into a bowl that will fit the container for whipping. Put the cream in a chilled bowl and place in bowl of ice. All you need to do quickly, otherwise the cream and utensils will keep warm, and fluff will be difficult or impossible.
If you are whipping with a mixer, turn it on low power, otherwise it may turn out oil. With a fork or whisk to whisk for a long time, but still possible. Neat active movements start whisking them until you get your desired consistency.
For desserts, you can not add into the whipped cream nothing but vanilla sugar or other flavorings. For decorating cakes need to add a little gelatin (1 h per 500 g of cream). Gelatin pre-soak in cold water, then boil, strain and cool to room temperature. During the infusion of gelatin and continue whipping with a mixer or whisk.
Decorate the cake with whipped cream using a pastry syringe. If you are good enough whipped cream to sink they shouldn't. Unfortunately, cream not all manufacturers are well whipped, so if at first you do not succeed, do not despair. Next time take the cream from another manufacturer.