Advice 1: How to get to Baku

Baku is famous not only because it is the capital of Azerbaijan, but also the fact that there were filmed many famous movies. For example, part of the cult film "the diamond arm". By the way, some come to Baku not only to swim in the sea and relax, but also to wander through the streets, where running the lost hero Andrei Mironov.
How to get to Baku
The fastest way to get from Moscow to Baku by plane. Flights between the capitals of Russia and Azerbaijan is quite a lot. Every day from the Moscow airports "Sheremetyevo", "Domodedovo" and "Vnukovo" fly Airliners airlines "Aeroflot", "UTair" and "Azerbaijan airlines". Flight time airport named after Heydar Aliyev is 3 hours and 10 minutes. As for visas, it is the citizens of Russia in Azerbaijan is not needed between the two countries is visa-free travel.
If you can reach Baku long-distance trains, two times a week from the Kursk railway station depart trains "Moscow — Baku". The journey time is approximately 35 hours. Well, a significant disadvantage of travelling by train are not the new cars and not the most comfortable conditions even in the compartment.
From the square near the Kursky station twice a week sent the bus "Moscow — Baku". The time will have to spend in the path, equivalent to approximately 40 hours.
There are fans traveling from Moscow to Baku by car. Such a little, but they still occur. Such travellers must remember that the road goes through the territory of Georgia and Armenia. And if Armenia visa for citizens of Russia do not need, in Georgia will necessarily have to pay for a transit visa. This is done directly on the Russian-Georgian border, so having a foreign passport is necessary. On the machine it is necessary first to move on the highway M-4 "don" through Tula, Voronezh, Rostov-on-don, Stavropol and Nalchik. Then on the highway R-217 "Caucasus" to reach the Russian-Georgian border and then follow the highway E-117. After passing the Georgian-Armenian border will begin on highway M-27, which takes you to the Armenian-Azerbaijani border. After that is route А322, which will lead directly to Baku. On the road will have to spend about 38 hours.

Advice 2 : How to get to Baku

Baku is the capital of the Republic of Azerbaijan. The distance from Moscow to Baku is 2200 km to Reach the capital of the neighboring country by plane, train, bus and private vehicles.

From Russia to Azerbaijan by plane

From the airport "Sheremetyevo" at 01:05 and 11:25 Airbus A320 flies to Baku. Three hours later the plane lands at the airport "Heydar Aliyev". The price of the tickets varies from 7000 to 13000 R. R. the Exact cost and the time of departure will tell you on the phone - +7 (495)578 65 65. Also to Board a plane to a designated point from the airport "Domodedovo". The departure time at 12:35, 14:40 and 23:35. Interested in Pro flight can be learn by phone +7 (495) 933 66 66.

From St. Petersburg organized the departure to Baku on certain days. The plane sent every week on Wednesday and Sunday at 15:35 on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday at 22:55. Journey time — 3 hours 35 min., the ticket price — from 8000 roubles

Flying from the middle part of Russia of Tyumen on Thursday. The departure time at 06:05, average ticket price — 7300 p. Also there is a route from Yekaterinburg, Norilsk, Chelyabinsk, and Rostov-on-don. To know about the flight should be on the info line for the nearest airport.

To Baku by train and bus

From Kursk station of Moscow weekly on Tuesday, Friday and Saturday at 16:49 off the train towards the capital of Azerbaijan. The journey time is 2 days 11 hours 11 min Price second-class ticket starts from 2400 R.

On even days from Tyumen train station is a direct flight 373Е to Baku. There are direct trips from cities of Rostov-on-don and Kharkov. The train arrives to the destination in 1 day 10 hours. The ticket price for a reserved seat is from 1275 R.

Bus to Baku, there are many cities of Russia. From Krasnodar bus departs on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday at 12:30. From the bus station of Astrakhan flight goes through the day. Daily buses with the flight Makhachkala — Baku. From other settlements to get to Baku only with transfers. By car is a road through the Republic of Dagestan. To enter the country without a visa but with a valid passport.

International lines

From many cities in foreign countries routes by plane and ground transport. Of the 46 cities daily flights come into the airport "Heydar Aliyev". In the train station are trains from 12 cities of Russia and Ukraine. Often trains with following Tbilisi — Baku, Baku-Tehran — Baku. There are no routes in Baku with the neighboring country of Armenia. The boundary between the States closed for its entire length. Difficulty of entry can also occur for those who have in the column "Place of birth" is Armenia.
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