History and characteristics of the wine

Cahors is a wine of rich dark red color. It is originally from France, city Kahor (Iberian Peninsula). A real Cahors features a rich taste of raspberry, cherry, plum, Cassis, chocolate and cream. This wine is made from red grape varieties such as "Cabernet Sauvignon", "Kakhet", "Bastardo" and others.

The basic story of Russian Cahors starts from the time of Peter I. it was he who organized the import of the eponymous French wine for Church purposes. Now wine is produced in Crimea, Bulgaria, Moldova, and Krasnodar Krai. To make this wine using grape varieties Malbec or Cabernet Sauvignon (depends on region).
Remember that modern French Cahors is in no way affiliated with the sweet fortified wine that is produced under this brand we have. That different wines, although the manufacturing technology is similar.

Cahors do is special. At one stage of production the wine is heated above 65 degrees, then cooled and left for fermentation. Then introduce the alcohol, bringing the wine to the desired strength. Thanks to the combination of heating by secondary fermentation at the Cahors do a deep dark red color and a characteristic velvety taste.

Tips for choosing a quality Cahors

Carefully read the label. A real Cahors must contain about 16% sugar and 16% alcohol. The wine must not contain in its composition of artificial colors and flavors. The words "special wine" means that before you do Cahors, and the inscription "sweet table wine" - this is likely a common red wine.

Pay attention to the color. A quality wine is typically dark garnet color. To authenticate can, drink diluted half with water. Real wine is not white, its color will remain just as intense.

Exposure Cahors should be no more than 3-4 years. If you see on the label of a more prolonged exposure of the drink in front of you is fake.

Please note the country of origin of Cahors. Only trust a proven companies.
Cahors, made in the Crimea, I received numerous awards for professional exhibitions. In addition, in the Crimean wineries have for many years maintained the original recipe of the Orthodox drink.

Do not skimp on price, buying cheap wine in the eve of Easter on sales. In this case you may buy low-quality powder drink.