Milk banana smoothie

  • bananas - 3 PCs.
  • milk - 250 ml
  • ice cream (butter cream) - 100 g

Slice bananas in large chunks and place them in the bowl of a blender, put the ice cream to them and stir in the milk. Whisk all the ingredients until smooth. If the cocktail has turned out savory, add a little honey. But if you want to make the drink more thick and oily, replace half the volume of whole milk into cream. Ready banana cocktail you can decorate with grated chocolate.

Milkshake of ice cream and strawberries

  • strawberry - 300 g
  • milk - 500 ml
  • ice cream (cream or strawberry cream) - 200 g
  • sugar - 2 tbsp

Wash and thoroughly dry the strawberries, then place the berries in a blender and cover them with sugar. The whole mass grind until smooth, then add softened ice cream and milk, whisk again until the mixture foams on the surface. Pour into prepared cocktail glasses, garnish with whole strawberries and a sprig of mint.

Milkshake "Fruit mix"

  • bananas - 2 pieces
  • kiwi - 2 PCs.
  • peaches - 2 pieces
  • ice cream (butter cream) - 400 g
  • milk - 1 liter

Thoroughly wash fruits, dry and slice. Then lay them in a blender, add milk and ice cream. The whole mass shake thoroughly until foam and pour into prepared cocktail glasses. Before serving it garnish with chopped fruits and berries. The main thing is to drink it chilled!

For all milkshakes choose ice cream with no fillers and strong fragrances, as these additives can beat the main taste of the drink.