You will need
  • - Cahors;
  • - wine glasses.
Do not forget that wine – dessert wine. But despite the fact that dessert wine that is served to the sweet course, rules of etiquette allow for the opportunity to drink wine during the lunch and even dinner.
Choose the special wine glasses. Regular glasses for red wine have a standard 240-255 ml volume and shape resembling the Bud of a Tulip, the stem height of 4-5 cm glass And the glasses of wine on the stem is a special "ring" – it is possible, then, to the lady elegantly holding the glass with a finger.
Serve the wine at room temperature or slightly chilled. However, using wine as a medicine in diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, it can warm up slightly. It's not against the rules of etiquette.
Drink wine slowly, enjoying the gorgeous, unique flavors and a delicate aroma. This wine is not suitable for lavish parties and noisy celebrations. It has long been customary to use Cahors with the family or the company of closest, relatives. According to legend, during the drinking of wine is a growing connection between people who are in this moment together, and between man and the higher powers. Etiquette does not allow talking while drinking this drink. You need to drink in complete silence.
Calm drink wine in small SIPS and small portions. Cahors – a wine for true connoisseurs.