It all starts with the opening of the bottle. After a bottle of red wine uncorked, it should be given time to breathe. As a rule, open, the wine should stand for from 15 minutes to an hour. Large wine glasses are filled, as a rule, a quarter, and smaller glasses in the third. A good wine leaves on the glass walls smooth streaks, called wine legs.
If white wine and champagne are always served cold, with red all the way around. The optimum temperature of the drink on your Desk should be 12-20°. In cold weather you can drink mulled red wine that will warm you in bad weather. The main thing is to make sure it does not boil!
Before use, should assess the quality of the wine. A good product will always be absolutely transparent and uniform in color. Vidette transparency of red wine on a white background (e.g. paper or cloth). The drink can be a light wine sediment, but it was not muddy.
Drink the wine slowly to experience the flavors. Type in your mouth a little liquid, but do not swallow all at once. First, how would you need to weigh the drink on the tongue, this will allow you to fully appreciate its quality, leaving a pleasant aftertaste. In the mouth red wine, which already should be warm, heated even more, which helps to better feel his bouquet. The brighter and harder the finish the wine, so it is better.
To serve red wine is best with meat dishes. Ideal is its combination with lamb. If some of the dishes on the menu is meat, and some vegetarian, the wine should offer the same. Mushrooms are usually served only with red wine. Is considered bad form to combine with the wine too salty, sour or citrus foods. Their taste is too sharp, it interrupts the taste of the drink.