The history of wine "Khvanchkara"

This wine is made in the Georgian mountain region of Racha for centuries, but the wider European public was presented only in 1907, when the princes Kipiani brought it to the international wine fair held in Belgium. And this wine, which was before unknown to any European connoisseur, immediately won the Grand Prix, received a gold medal and even the name badge of the Belgian king Leopold II.

At first this wine was known in the market as "Kijanowski", but in the 30-ies of the last century it was renamed "Khvanchkara" and under this brand are imported today in many countries of the world. A unique drink to their taste is not only due to the natural conditions in which grapes are grown, and other factors. For the production of "Khvanchkara" grapes used only two varieties - "Aleksandrouli" and "mujuretuli", which grows only in Racha in the micro-zone on the banks of the river Rioni. The taste of the grapes is influenced by the characteristics of the composition and mode of heating of soil, duration and specifics of the autonomic process. In addition, the manufacturing technology of this wine differs from the traditional one. As for the mountain region of Racha characterized by early frosts, they interrupt the fermentation of the wort, resulting in this decreases water content and increases the amount of sugar, and the wine acquires its unique taste and high quality properties.
Annual crop varieties of which make "Khvanchkara" do not exceed 800 tons, its production of mass do not call, so this wine cannot cost less than $ 15-20 per bottle.

What and how to drink "Khvanchkara"

This semi-sweet red wine produced in the natural fermentation, has an excellent rich flavor, distinctive aroma and velvety taste, which, except grapes, you can feel notes of flowers and other berries, especially clearly "sounds" raspberry. Luxurious dark ruby color complements the rapturous impression of "Khvanchkara" produces the true wine gourmet.
Mention that to any kind of fish, this wine does not fit categorically.

Fragrant semi-sweet wine "Khvanchkara" will give you a more refined gustatory experience, if you complete it correctly selected and well-matching products. The taste will set off the sharp cheese, for example, blue mold, as well as delicious white meat, game, poultry. This wine is considered a dessert, so it perfectly blends with fruit, nuts, sweets.