The easiest and most profitable option of delivery of gold is to take it to the pawn shop. Usually, the procedure of taking this metal pawn does not take more than 20 minutes together with evaluation of gold jewelry. On the same day, you must have the document proving the identity. First of all, the inspector must acquaint the visitor with the terms of such services, as well as the price per gram of gold products. After evaluating the product and signing the necessary agreements, at hand will be immediately issued to the contracted amount. From this moment put gold full will become the property of the pawnshop.
There are many jewelry stores involved in the purchase of gold jewelry. There is the opportunity to sell gold at a fairly attractive price without the risk of loss. Moreover, very often buyers delight a lucky opportunity of obtaining a completely new jewelry in exchange for the scrap the old articles of precious metals. Because scrap gold is fairly sought-after commodity, the value of which is growing every year. Therefore, the owners of broken gold jewelry, renting them, you can order a recalculation of the value of jewelry and pay the difference, choose any product in the catalog of the store.
Old unwanted gold jewelry, out of fashion, or the scrap can be melted into other decoration to order. Jewelry master will process the gold using special tools and be allowed for processing using highly efficient methods of beneficiation of raw materials. The result is a brand new product that will delight its owner for many years. It should be noted that work on the production of other decoration is quite expensive. Therefore, before taking the precious metal to the workshop, it is good to weigh the pros and cons.