Your investment coins you can sell to the Bank or a private individual. When selling coins to the Bank take into account an important circumstance - the purchase price of the coin will be less than the price for which it was purchased. So if you bought investment coins recently, selling them to the Bank will be in your case of losing trades.
If you have purchased coins a few years ago at a much lower price, then sell them to the Bank can be profitable. Different banks offer different price buying coins. Therefore, in order to obtain the maximum profit, contact several banks and find out at what price they will buy your coins.
Get your investment coins and a passport, come into the Bank that offers the highest price. The Bank specialist will evaluate their condition and if defects are found, the Bank will pay you the highest possible value. If the coin detect micro-scratches or fingerprints (traces of the touch of your fingers), then the price can be significantly reduced.
If you have enough time and want to receive from the sale of coins for maximum profit, then sell the coins to private individuals. Now, many people are willing to invest money in investment coins. But the price the banks are quite high. To sell investment coins, post ads in various sources (Newspapers, Internet) and assign a price below the Bank (otherwise people just would not make sense to buy it from you).
The Declaration must indicate the condition of the coin is safety. If you never opened the capsule and pulled the coin, feel free to write "perfect safety". If you do not specify this item, most potential buyers will ignore your ad. Because they also buy from you a coin with the purpose of resale, where the key pricing factors is the safety.