Determine which coin you want to sell: vintage, rare, another state, the king, the times of the USSR or CIS, the modern Russian.
Walk through the offices of banks known to you, paying attention to the stands. If the Bank is engaged in buying coins, this is sure to be hanging the announcement with list of accepted coins and their value. This option is the most reliable (after all, you are not going to miss anything from the information that you are interested in), but is time consuming.
Call on the phone, all existing banks with questions:
1) whether they take coins at all;
2) if you do what kind;
3) what will be the purchase price of your coins.
The disadvantage of this method is that on the phone you can give or not entirely true information or even completely incorrect. But there is also a definite plus – it saves time.
Search the Internet for official sites of banks. And next each of them narrow the search range, search for specific information on buying and selling coins. For example, NOMOS-the BANK offers on its website an entire section devoted to this issue, as well as Sberbank of Russia. This method is very convenient. But keep in mind that not all banks promptly update the data to the Internet . And such service as acceptance of coins, may not be reflected on the website, although in reality it may exist.
Do not rush on the first Bank, in the shopping list where you will find your coin. Slowly and quietly examine the demand, analyze the prices. Not bad bargain, because then you no return. See price offer of several banks on a dedicated website. You can choose a specific coin (i.e. drop-down lists, you select the value, category, year, metal, country) and add your city. Here will appear the list of banks taking it, along with prices of each. The ideal option, and the site is just wonderful. But don't forget that this list may be incomplete and not entirely true. Those who collect these data, it can miss something.
If you believe your coins are rare and expensive, sold at auction or even from private collection. To do this, view the ads from individuals both online and in the Newspapers. Also will post relevant ads. Set coins on multiple auctions.