Precious coins

When investing savings in jewelry during financial crisis, their subsequent resale does not give a positive result, an Alternative solution is to buy gold coins savings Bank.

In 1996, the savings Bank, in order to raise more funds in circulation, made the decision to issue the free sale of gold coins. In that period, coins of the Bank enjoyed a constant, though small, demand.

There was a period when banking transactions of purchase and sale of precious coins was a tax of 20%. This led to the fact that consumer demand has fallen sharply. Due to the introduction of the tax to earn on operations with precious metals of the Bank became impossible, because the rate for the metals has a slight difference. Therefore, the purchase of precious coins as a way of cost savings were observed. In 2001, the government abolished the tax, the demand for banking gold coins has increased, people buy not only with the aim of saving their money from inflation, but also as a prestigious gift.

One of the important advantages in the purchase of gold coins is that they are in the hands of its owner, and they can be sold to the Bank at any time and at a realistic cost.

Investing money in Bank gold coins, there are investments into banking capital. The Bank may offer to open a "metal account" - this, too, is the acquisition of precious metals, but there is one condition: the money and precious coins remain in the Bank. In the event of bankruptcy of the Bank or the banking system, the client will not receive any money or coins. Therefore, it is better to take the coins in his hands.

The acquisition of gold coins

Purchase gold coins Sberbank can be anyone. For this you need to get cash, come into any branch of the Bank, and buy the coins.

Buying coins at the Bank, you must first find out what kind of coins you buy. The Bank issues gold coins and collectible. So collectible gold coins when you purchase are subject to VAT, which in the case of their subsequent sale is not refundable. Collectible gold coins can be a good gift.

But if the collector's party released in small quantities (not more than 10,000), these coins you can earn by selling them through time collectors.

In any case, regardless of the growth rate of gold compared to inflation of the national currency, purchase of investment gold coins is a successful investment of their savings.