Terms of sale of the gold bullion "savings" is determined by a special internal normative document of the credit institution that should be explored prior to submitting the transaction. So, branches of the Bank accept to acquire only those items that are currently in excellent or satisfactory condition. Excellent condition admits the absence of any surface defects, the purity of the ingot and the certificate of the plant that produced this ingot. The presence of these faults gives rise to recognition of the satisfactory condition of the ingot, provided that such defects do not affect the weight of the ingot, do not violate its integrity. Also the satisfactory condition of the ingot is detected in the presence of certain deficiencies in the manufacturer's certificate (tears, extraneous marks, dirt).

What documents do you need to sell gold "savings"?

In addition to the certificate of the manufacturer, the seller of the gold bullion must present an identity document. As such a document the Bank makes regular passport, temporary identity card, military ID card, and any other documents in accordance with applicable law can verify the identity of the citizen of Russia. Other documents for the implementation of the gold bullion is not required, so the requests from the credit officer will be unreasonable.

Which bars do not sell the "savings"?

In certain cases, "Sberbank of Russia" can deny a citizen to purchase gold bullion. To these situations include the absence of a certificate of the manufacturer, certifying the origin of this ingot, as well as a high degree of depravity of this document, not allowing it to install its contents. If the weight, geometrical parameters of the gold bullion not meet the approved government standards, the seller also refuses the transaction. In addition, failure is possible in the case when the authenticity of the ingot does not cause any doubt, however, the existing defects and damages caused the breach of the specified mass of the ingot. That is why before going to the specific branch of the Bank it is recommended to check the available ingot for compliance with all requirements.