The most expensive gold is the highest 999 contains the alloy of 99.9% gold and 0.1% of another metal, and is estimated at 24 carats. But it is almost never used in the jewelry industry, as it has a soft texture and dull, unsaturated color, and easily undergoes deformation. In jewelry only in rare cases is that gold serves as inserts that edge more durable metal. Gold this test is commonly used in jewelry Arab countries and the Far East.
Gold 985 samples contains in its composition of 15% of impurities of other metals and is estimated at 23 carats. Gold this test is also rarely used for jewelry because of the softness and loss of color. It is also common in Arab countries, India, Pakistan.
750 contains 75% pure gold and the remaining components are the actual metals such as copper, Nickel, silver and platinum. The gold of this sample lends itself well to jewelry processing and has reasonable strength. Its color varies from bright yellow to various shades of red. This gold is relatively expensive and prestigious and common in European countries and Egypt.
Popular and widespread 585 gold alloy differs special durability, brightness and sheen. It does not tarnish with time and available in terms of price and quality. The gold in this sample is 14 carats and up, silver, Nickel, palladium, copper. Due to the different concentrations of these metals gold gets red, white or yellow. 585 represents the gold standard in the Russian jewelry market, as well as widespread in Europe and the United States.
Gold 500 samples is rarely used in the jewelry industry, as 50% of actual metals copper and silver, which decreases its casting characteristics. After two or three years, such products can darken and lose color.
375 gold alloy contains in its composition only 37.5% of this precious metal. Silver and copper, constitute the bulk of the alloy, making it durable and sturdy. But that gold loses its original color and gloss, so it is almost never used for making jewelry. This is the lowest and cheapest kind of gold, which corresponds to 9 carat.