Advice 1: What is the most expensive gold

The most expensive gold one in which the content of the noble metal exceeds the rest. So, this is 999 gold. But can I wear it in its pure form, like earrings and rings? And why on one jewelry should not this trial?
What is the most expensive gold
The most expensive gold is the highest 999 contains the alloy of 99.9% gold and 0.1% of another metal, and is estimated at 24 carats. But it is almost never used in the jewelry industry, as it has a soft texture and dull, unsaturated color, and easily undergoes deformation. In jewelry only in rare cases is that gold serves as inserts that edge more durable metal. Gold this test is commonly used in jewelry Arab countries and the Far East.
Gold 985 samples contains in its composition of 15% of impurities of other metals and is estimated at 23 carats. Gold this test is also rarely used for jewelry because of the softness and loss of color. It is also common in Arab countries, India, Pakistan.
750 contains 75% pure gold and the remaining components are the actual metals such as copper, Nickel, silver and platinum. The gold of this sample lends itself well to jewelry processing and has reasonable strength. Its color varies from bright yellow to various shades of red. This gold is relatively expensive and prestigious and common in European countries and Egypt.
Popular and widespread 585 gold alloy differs special durability, brightness and sheen. It does not tarnish with time and available in terms of price and quality. The gold in this sample is 14 carats and up, silver, Nickel, palladium, copper. Due to the different concentrations of these metals gold gets red, white or yellow. 585 represents the gold standard in the Russian jewelry market, as well as widespread in Europe and the United States.
Gold 500 samples is rarely used in the jewelry industry, as 50% of actual metals copper and silver, which decreases its casting characteristics. After two or three years, such products can darken and lose color.
375 gold alloy contains in its composition only 37.5% of this precious metal. Silver and copper, constitute the bulk of the alloy, making it durable and sturdy. But that gold loses its original color and gloss, so it is almost never used for making jewelry. This is the lowest and cheapest kind of gold, which corresponds to 9 carat.

Advice 2: The gold is better - red or yellow

Gold jewelry never goes out of fashion and are highly valued regardless of the features of the new trends. Note, however, that there are several different types of gold. The most expensive is white. If you want to buy a luxury thing cheap, should choose between yellow and red.
The gold is better - red or yellow

Features yellow and red gold

Yellow is the natural shade of gold. Precisely because of its naturalness, and also for Association with the warm sunshine people appreciated this metal in ancient times. Yellow gold symbolizes wealth, power, luck. If made engagement rings, it means loyalty, strong and pure love between spouses. Most often this metal is 750 test.

Red gold is obtained if in the yellow to add copper and zinc in certain proportions. This metal is cheaper, so is well suited for relatively inexpensive, but still luxury and exquisite jewelry. In most cases this metal is 585. Red gold is the most widespread and available, so the products are usually much easier to buy than jewelry from the yellow metal.

The differences between the red and yellow gold

The major difference between these two options lies in the strength. Yellow gold is difficult to be called practical, because it is too soft. Subtle and refined decoration of this metal is, unfortunately, can be heavily damaged and repair would cost a lot. For the publication they are suitable, but for everyday use they are often inappropriate. Red gold due to the impurities, on the contrary, is very durable. There are many ornaments from this metal, created dozens of years ago and have not lost their appeal. You can wear these products every day without fear that they will break or fade.

The difference lies in difficulty of processing. To create a lightweight, delicate jewelry in yellow gold is much more difficult than red, and while they may not look so impressive. The price of such things is higher, but the options for processing less. That is why jewelers often prefer to deal with red gold.

If you pay attention to fashion trends and prefer to buy the most luxurious things you should pay attention to products made of yellow gold. Red is less valued, less expensive, and from the point of view of fashion, is less preferred. Also note that its much harder to combine with gems than yellow. Of course, many jewelers are able to solve this problem, but if you want to purchase a ring, necklace, bracelet or earrings with stones, you better pay attention to the ornaments from yellow gold.

Advice 3: Which metal is the most rare

When we consider the rare metals are meant those who are in pure form in nature is extremely small. The name of the rare metal was in honor of major rivers Germany Rhine - rhenium.
Which metal is the most rare

The rare metal

The rarest metal in the world – one that very few found in nature. The discrepancy may arise from the fact that in the periodic system (Mendeleev compiled) there is a group of elements called "rare earth". In fact, it does not mean that their planet is not enough. Their number is often not less than that of other widespread metals such as copper, zinc, chrome and so on).

According to the Guinness Book of world records, the rarest metal on planet Earth – rhenium in the periodic table under 75 serial number. In fact, its discoverer can name the most periodic, as in compiling his table he predicted the existence of an element with relative atomic mass 180 (this was in 1870). But to prove the existence of this item and find it in practice it appeared not such simple task.

Many scientists spoke about their find since the times of the periodic, but in fact it wasn't true. And only in 1925 the German academic family Nodak opened this very rare metal.

Application of rhenium

Most people name this metal will not say anything. Because it is rare, and therefore, has a rather narrow spread. In industrial circles and among scientists rhenium is valued even more than other expensive metal – platinum. In particular, the blades of aircraft engines of modern aircraft are made of rhenium. In addition, the metal used in the creation of high-precision equipment, such as a gyroscope. Gasoline with a high content of octane was also synthesized by using this item. One of the modern developments filters of rhenium, which are installed on the exhaust pipe of the car.

Extraction of rhenium

Only here the use of rhenium is almost an impossible task, as there is no acute shortage in nature (what is rare). Until recently it was believed that on our planet there are deposits of this metal. And only in 1992 year, the South Kuril Islands, on the volcano Curly, it was discovered the world's only deposits of rhenium.

Rhenium is extracted from molybdenum and copper ores. To this concentrate is calcined. The procedure is very complex, and to obtain one kilogram of rhenium is required to process 12 thousand tons of ore. A year around the world, but produce only about 40 tons of this rare metal.

Advice 4: What kind of gold better

Russian jewellers apply various samples of gold, from 375 to 999. Consumers often wonder which one is better? To determine this, you need to compare the advantages and disadvantages of alloys, which are used to manufacture jewelry and other products.
What kind of gold better
Gold 375 carat is equivalent to 9 carats. It only contains 37.5% of pure gold. The main composition of this alloy of silver and copper. Gold jewelry that are manufactured from it very durable, but they quickly lose their luster. Gold price 375 samples - the lowest compared to other samples.
Gold 500 samples corresponds to 12 carats. It consists of about 50% pure gold. This alloy is rarely used for making jewelry, as it has poor casting characteristics. In addition, colour of this alloy is strongly dependent on the content of silver and copper, which makes the manufacture of gold jewelry is problematic. Everything else, products from 500 samples of gold in 2-3 years some fade. This alloy has a low cost and is used for assay control.
Gold 585 correspond to 14 carats. It contains 58.5% of pure gold. Also it consists of actual metals such as copper, silver, palladium and Nickel. This alloy has a high strength. Over time it does not tarnish. Low price jewelry and various products from gold 585 makes them available to the population at large. By the addition of the actual metals you can get different shades of alloy of this order: red, green, and white. In the jewelry market of Russia and countries of the former USSR alloy 585 represents the gold standard. Previously, such a standard was 583 gold alloy, which is in high demand today.
Gold 750 corresponds to 18 carats. It is 75% pure gold. This alloy is added to the copper, silver, platinum and Nickel. Gold jewelry 750 samples have moderate strength and lend themselves well to jewelry processing. Due to high content of pure gold they are prestigious and at the same time expensive. The high price of gold jewelry 750 stamp eliminates many connoisseurs of the solar metal.
Gold 958 sample corresponds to 23 carats. It is high-grade alloy, as it contains 95.8 percent pure gold. The hue of this alloy is almost indistinguishable from the color of pure gold. The gold sample makes jewelry and wares very soft. However, they are easily scratched and lose its beautiful appearance. Russian jewelers rarely use gold 958 samples in the manufacture of jewelry. The cost of this alloy, almost pure gold.
Gold is highest, 999 is 24 carats. This is the most high-grade alloy, but it is rarely used in the jewelry industry. In jewelry it is mainly used in the form of various inserts that are wear resistant and durable cushions are covered in gold, as a rule, 585. Alloy 999 is very soft and susceptible to deformation. The price of such gold - the highest among all used by jewelers samples.
After comparing 6 jewelry gold alloys it can be concluded that the best alloy of gold 585. This alloy has the optimum ratio of price and quality.
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