Causes drowsiness

Constant desire to lie down and take a NAP usually leads to the fact that is a half-hour of sleep a person falls asleep for a few hours, so waking up feels worse — increases the feeling of weakness, strength is not added, sometimes there is a headache, an unpleasant pain in the eyes. It is a vicious circle.

Causes of constant drowsiness a lot. One of them is congestion on the job. Moreover, the more fatigue a person receives is not from physical, but from mental labor. Stuffy offices just sleep and coffee does not help. By the way, the stuffiness in the room is the cause of hypoxia — oxygen starvation, which often promotes sleepiness. Often office workers spend the whole day in unventilated areas, blood does not become saturated when breathing sufficient oxygen needed for proper brain functioning and, consequently, of the entire body.
To abuse coffee to fight drowsiness not recommended — can cause problems with the pressure.

In addition to hypoxia, constant desire to sleep can contribute to depression. In this case, causes constant desire to sleep, not only physically but also mentally — I want to "shut down" from the world, nothing to see or hear. Besides, apathy deprives a person of vivid emotions and desires, in principle, to do anything.

Often sleepiness is the result of an unidentified mode of sleep and wakefulness.
Constant sleepiness contributes to some medications — sedatives or normalizing the nervous system.

How to deal with sleepiness?

Sleepiness is better to fight on all fronts. To oxygen deprivation not deprived of vitality, you must:

- take regular walks in the fresh air, walking in parks, squares;
- must systematically ventilate the room;
- do not abuse Smoking and alcohol.

It is recommended to establish a clear regime of sleep and wakefulness. Whatever may be said about the "owls" and "larks", it is not necessary to go to bed at three in the morning. Discipline yourself to sleep at least eleven hours of the evening. Believe me, it will be easier to get up for work in the morning, disappear chronic fatigue, the headaches will pass. If the day you want to relax, your sleep time should be limited to no more than 20-25 minutes. Too long sleep is not needed, otherwise after a day you Wake up broken and tired.

If your drowsiness associated with the medication, consult with your doctor — perhaps he will select an alternative medication.