All the matter in brain activity

Increasingly, people falling from exhaustion, can't sleep at night despite a burning desire. All about stress, systematic violation of sleep, poor diet and lifestyle. Sleep disorders are a huge problem in the modern world. In extreme cases, to fight them we have to refer to specialists or even to go for treatment in the clinic.

However, before going to such extreme measures you can try to use the advice of psychologists that have helped many to restore the normal mode of life.

Try to protect yourself from information overload before you sleep. Interesting book or transfer into it of the brain that just can not rest still for some time, not giving to sleep. Not worth watching or reading for the night news, they raise the level of stress in the body, which is not conducive to good sleep.

Don't go to sleep if you don't want. Even if you have to get up early and you about it will fall in nine, without any special tools, it is unlikely that you will fall asleep before midnight, if you are time familiar. Better to enjoy something relaxing and soothing.
In the evening (about eight to nine hours) do not do anything active. No need to plan the next day or to solve problems, I can do it in the morning.

Comfort is the key to good sleep

Try before sleep, while in bed, concentrate on your breathing. Breathe in the following rhythm: inhale for four counts, hold your breath for two and exhale for six to eight accounts. It is very helpful to concentrate on your breathing, it reduces stress of the body, besides is much easier than counting sheep. During the account of the sheep brain is activated, not allowing you to sleep.

If half an hour after laying in bed you still aren't sleeping, take a warm relaxing bath. Use of essential oil.

It is always good to ventilate the bedroom: lack of oxygen leads to the fact that the dream becomes nervous, difficult and unsatisfactory.

Do not eat at night. Ideally you should eat two to three hours before bedtime. So you will not feel any heaviness in the stomach or feelings of hunger, so that nothing will distract you from sleep.

Even if you want to, sleep during the day. Daytime sleep will prevent your body to readjust to its normal mode, so in the evening you again have a problem falling asleep.

If these tips do not help, think about contacting a specialist. Do not own to buy sleeping pills, because this is only a temporary solution.