Even if you slept great the night before, stale stuffy air of a closed room will do the job, inevitably causing drowsiness. Open the Windows, open the doors, provide fresh air. This is especially tones, if it's spring or winter. Fresh oxygen saturate my lungs and brain cells, strengthen blood flow. Lean out of the open window or even go outside, but not to smoke and to breathe deeply for 3-5 minutes. A dream as a hand will remove.
Refresh your face with cold water. Washing dilates skin vessels and boosts blood flow. If you have makeup on, wet a handkerchief and wipe the free areas of the face. Attach the handkerchief to his forehead and temples. Do not wipe your face. Wait a couple of minutes until the skin wakes up, then blot with a tissue.
Don't sit like glue at the computer all day. Stand up, stretch, mash, walk, take charge. Bend, squat with arms extended, stretch up, putting his hands on the waist, make several turns left and right. Physical activity will give a powerful charge of vivacity, distract from work and will Wake up the sleeping body.
From invigorating drinks give preference to a black sheet or green tea. You can drink a glass of cool water with lime, a small Cup of coffee. Should not drink more than two cups of coffee per day. This will trigger insomnia and fatigue. Also do not drink alcohol. Despite the fact that after taking a glass or glasses of alcoholic beverage you will feel inflow of forces, this is misleading. After 10-20 minutes you will feel very drowsy. Yes, and to drink on the job business etiquette forbids.
Treat yourself to a small snack. Fruits, raw vegetables, nuts, dark chocolate is the best suited for this. Moreover, such a diet will not lead to overeating and drowsy sense of fullness, so also prostimulirujte the production blood serotonin and endorphins, which are known to be hormones of joy and pleasure.