The most effective way to get rid of sleep is a physical activity. If you are in the workplace, then go out for 15 minutes on the street and walk briskly around the neighborhood, actively inhaling air into the lungs. You will feel a rush of energy and strength, and drowsiness will disappear at least for a while.
To the desire to sleep, did not return quickly, you need to enter in your life's routine activities and do them regularly. Then the tone would be in order to the brain will start to receive sufficient oxygen, and drowsiness will cease you to visit. Daily Jogging, gym, dancing, Biking, roller – choose what you like and never let a day without sports.
To not want to sleep during the day, you need to sleep at night. The standard time required for the body to fully recover, is 8 hours of sleep. But it is necessary to start from their own feelings, you may need less time or more. Do not neglect sleep at night, because it's an important part of your life.
Morning has a capital value in how will be your day. In order not to experience daytime fatigue, you start your day cheerfully, with a contrast shower, a five-minute charging and a full Breakfast. The house should be cool and breezy, in that case your body will be fully restored and active, and you can forget about the desire to sleep all day.
As for the food, except that it must be complete, it is also important how much energy you get from each meal. Start your Breakfast with complex carbohydrates for example oatmeal. For lunch eat pasta with tomato sauce, and it gives you a new flow of energy and forces. Snack on citrus fruit, in addition, that they stimulate, oranges and grapefruits give a good mood.
Stop drinking coffee large mugs, vigor is fleeting from him, and after drowsiness bore down with double force. Drink tea, plain, with lemon or syrup of Eleutherococcus.
Avoid deficiency, because of lack of vitamins can begin malfunctions of your body. And drowsiness is one of them. Take a multivitamin, drink various herbs and tinctures, eat maximum full.
The lack of light can trigger the desire to sleep, therefore, make sure that the room was penetrated by daylight and sunlight. Try to keep the house light was more space, avoid dark Wallpaper and curtains.
Essential oil will help you in case of drowsiness catch you by surprise. Pre-select your favorite scent that invigorates you and stimulates. It can be any flavor, but most often they are needles, sandalwood, grapefruit, Jasmine, lavender. Hold the bottle with aromatic oil to your nose every time you feel tired. For permanent effect can fill the room with your favorite aroma using the aroma-lamp.