In the result of any disorder sleep becomes superficial, fragmentary and does not leave a feeling of freshness. People may not remember that night he had any trouble breathing, or that his brain was waking up, but the daily well-being still to know about it - condition of weakness, prostration, and sometimes sudden lapses into sleep in the most inappropriate places.
Feel refreshed sleep and the person can due to restless leg syndrome. During sleep, there are involuntary movements, thus forcing the brain to Wake up. Basically, the problem is more characteristic for elderly people, but there are cases that its presence in young. Sometimes twitching of the legs can occur with an interval of just 30 seconds, respectively, and restful sleep and daytime vitality can only dream of.
There are times when a person is not getting enough sleep in the absence of any sleep disorders. An example of this phenomenon – people who very much love to drink coffee, caffeinated drinks and drinking them the day before a few cups. Insomnia have this type of people is not always the case, most of them quickly and easily fall asleep, but for the 6-8 hours that they sleep, caffeine gradually excreted from the body, and the person gets up in the morning in a broken state. This is often taken as a sign of lack of sleep, although, in fact, so evident dependence on caffeine.
Also cause fatigue after sleep may be unstable sleep cycle. Person needs 6-8 hours of sleep at night, and, most importantly, in a continuous process. If a person wakes up at night, unable to sleep for a long time, or sleeping loosely, it is necessary to increase the total duration of sleep for a few hours.