Make a small charge. Change of activity with the mental on the physical will give your results. Get up from the table, walk around the office. Remember the usual warm-up with gym class in school and repeat a few exercises from it - perform Mahi hands, tilts, squats.
Wash with cool water. This action will give the feeling of freshness and "wash away" the fatigue. For girls, the risk to ruin my makeup by washing, there is a little trick: dampen a washcloth and apply it to the face avoiding the eye area. Don't forget to refresh the neck and chest area.
To eat. Fatigue and slumber, attacked in the workplace, can be attributed to the lack of nutrients for normal functioning of the body. Fill them by arranging a small snack. For example, eat a fruit (Apple, banana), chocolate (preferably bitter) or cookies.
Drink green tea. Contrary to popular belief, help the sleepy office workers don't always comes coffee. Often the latter is not desired action, because the drink does not have the properties of its fresh counterpart. Therefore, if you are not able to consume a Cup of natural espresso, which will give a charge of vivacity for a couple of hours, brew some green tea. He will restore strength, gives energy, and this effect will continue until the end of the day.
Take a walk in the fresh air. Exit to the balcony, the terrace or even on the street. By breathing outdoor air, not tainted by the influence of conditioning and not lost for this reason a big percentage of humidity, you will feel energized and ready to get back to work.