The first reason that always felt sleepy, is in chronic lack of sleep. An adult must sleep to rest approximately eight hours, the time it takes is less - there is a chronic lack of sleep.

The reason for this state may be in the food. After a meal blood flows to the digestive organs, which in turn leads to a lack of oxygen supply to the brain. It is also important that for digestion need energy, so while the food received has not given it, the body is "tired" to digest the products.

Many noticed that a heavy meal causes drowsiness, but after digestible food, on the contrary, in the body a sense of alertness and energy. When the room is not enough fresh air, it can also be a cause of constant lack of sleep.

Bad habits

In addition, a lack of vitamins can cause this condition in which is constantly sleepy. Because the body in this case trying to save power, which causes the phenomenon. Experts also point to another reason for this state of man, which is the thickening of the blood.

Coffee, Smoking and generally unhealthy food and habits lead to the fact that the blood becomes thick, and it as a result it is very difficult to deliver nutrients to the organs. In this case, you need to drink plenty of water – at least ten glasses a day, this will help the blood thinners.

A person may experience a sleepy state, when there is a sickness in the car or on the sea. Because the vestibular system fails in case of significant sickness that brings the body into a state of protection. You should know that the weaker the body, the faster person going into a sleepy state.

Hormonal failure

Depressive state of a person who gets depressed, and he desperately needed rest – another version of the sleeping state. Sometimes it feels constant lethargy, reluctance to get up from bed, General weakness and loss of any interest in life.

Known for another reason when a person constantly sleepy is a hormonal imbalance. If the person feels constantly cold or constantly feels tired, then he wants to sleep, because a lack of thyroid gland causes this condition.

When a person has symptoms, it is necessary not to be lazy, and use the assistance of a physician for accurate diagnosis and selection of the required treatment.