As soon as I get up, take a contrast shower. The greater the temperature changes, the greater the likelihood that you will feel a surge of strength and vigor. But don't experiment if you have cardiovascular disease. It works good and cool bath with sea salt, but the water temperature should be no more than 33 degrees, otherwise you, on the contrary, the pull to sleep.

It stimulates the nervous system, and caffeine, contained in tea or coffee. Choose what you like. Caffeine from coffee is absorbed fast and invigorating, but just as quickly takes place and the effect, so again there is a lack of energy. Tea has a matter how prolonged effect, the caffeine is slowly absorbed, and its action lasts for about 5 hours straight.

A light jog in the fresh air is also able to charge with energy. But if "bad" weather, though easy charging at home, for example, jump on one place, poprisedayte or rock press. Blood will begin to circulate more quickly and saturate the organs with oxygen, which, in turn, invigorate the body.

If these methods do not help, it is possible that you have a deficiency or reduced levels of hemoglobin. Propene course of vitamins with high iron content – it ought to help you become fitter.

Pay attention to the quality of sleep. If you have trouble falling asleep or frequently getting up during the night, take a light sedative, for example, medicinal Valerian or motherwort. Gradually the quality of normal sleep, and you will start to feel much better.

When absolutely everything to no avail, contact the hospital. Hand over the General analysis of blood and urine. If your health in General, everything is fine, then try to go to a psychiatrist. In case of deviations in the nervous system can also cause drowsiness. In any case, the hospital should help to address this challenge.