If possible, take a contrast shower. The greater the temperature difference, the greater the likelihood that the sleep you will leave, and you will feel a surge of vitality. When the soul can only dream about, you can just wash with very cold water, it is usually a way to cope with the drowsiness, but not always, the effect is long lasting.
Caffeine - assistant in the fight with sleep. Drink strong coffee, helps insoluble. But don't overdo it can raise the pressure, and vitality you even forget. If the ground coffee was not at hand, do not despair, suitable and instant, but not always, he has a strong invigorating effect.
Can drink a can of non-alcoholic cocktail, which abound on the shelves of most stores. Often they contain: caffeine, ginseng or guarana. But don't get carried away with such substances, of course, you can occasionally make a "miracle" drink, but not more than once a week. Otherwise, you not only feel energized, but also can become overly aggressive, because energy drinks have a negative impact on the human nervous system.
Active physical exercise makes the blood circulate, while the dream passes. All related to the release of adrenaline, which is produced during the running, the sex, pain, etc Light jog in the morning can cheerfulness for the whole day, so if you have a free 10-15 minutes, take them on physically active classes. If you can't bring yourself to move, you can use any of the above ways to get rid of sleep.
To avoid any problems such as lethargy, fatigue and constant desire to lie down, give into the sleep at least 6 hours. Do not be redundant and vitamin complexes that stimulate the body, preventing him from going into "sleep mode".