If you need to connect bluetoothheadset to mobile phone, follow these steps. Turn on both devices and turn bluetoothheadset in search mode. Depending on the manufacturer and model to do different actions. This usually requires you to simultaneously hold a button to answer the call, and the wheel is responsible for volume control. But better check the instructions for the headset as to translate it into search mode. When properly enabled, will blink the corresponding led.
Next, turn on the phone's bluetooth mode. To do this, open the menu and select the appropriate option. It is often called "Connectivity". After that select responsible for detecting new bluetooth devices. After completing this process on the phone screen you will see a list of discovered devices. Select the item that fits your bluetooth headset. When prompted, enter the code digits specified in the instructions. Usually it is 0000.
If you need to connect bluetoothheadset to computer for Skype, follow these steps. Switch the headset to discoverable mode. Then run the software on your computer to search for bluetooth devices. If you have a shortcut to "my Bluetooth places", click on it, if not, right-click the mouse on the blue brand bluetooth icon in the system tray (near the clock) and select "Open bluetooth places" or "Add a device". Make the process of pairing bluetooth devices.
Now, you must start and configure Skype to work with the headset. Go to your account settings: Tools –> Options –> Sound Devices. In the fields of Audio In and Audio Out select Bluetooth Audio. Before the beginning of the communication, activate the bluetooth connection between the computer and the headset. To do this, open "my Bluetooth places" and double click on the headset icon.