Advice 1: How to connect bluetooth headphones to your phone

The popularity of bluetooth headphones is the convenience of use and practical versatility. To begin to use them, you need to connect to the phone.
How to connect bluetooth headphones to your phone
To start, activate the bluetooth on both devices. To turn bluetooth on the headset, hold down the power button for about 8-10 seconds. The result will begin flashing luminous diode, which would mean the inclusion of the necessary treatment. Usually, it runs for 30 seconds. To turn on bluetooth on the phone, go to menu and select the appropriate section in the activation mode bluetooth.
Then search active devices using a mobile phone. For reliable reception of the signal distance between the phone and the headphones should not be more than 8-10 meters. After this will list the bluetooth environment, specify the necessary item.
This starts the identification process. Phone to discover the bluetooth headset, will bring her to your list of devices. Then make a pair of mobile phone and wireless headphones. Headphones and phone like any other bluetooth device, has its personal MAC address composed of 48 bits. To complete the pairing, the phone will be sent to your MAC address, headset which entered the list is designed to work devices. However, the pairing is not established until in appeared in the phone window is not the password you enter. As a rule, the default is 0000, but some models of bluetooth headphone can use other values. To read more about them in the instructions.
After that the device will be ready to work together. The distance that can be transmitted signal is about 10 meters, but in areas it may be reduced. In addition, the bluetooth headphones are unable to work simultaneously with multiple devices. The headset is powered through a rechargeable battery, usually lithium-polymer.

Advice 2 : How to connect headphones to the phone

As a rule, connect the headphones to the phone is not difficult. However, there are some models where it is quite difficult to do, despite the possible flexibility of the phone. Let's look at the possibility of connecting headphones to the iPhone. The fact that this smartphone is not suitable for every headphone. There are two main reasons. First – the headphone Jack of the iPhone as if recessed into the housing, and thus, headphones with wide connectors will not fit. The second reason is a function of the microphone. In order for the microphone function was preserved, earphone needed with four channels, not three, as, for example, headphones for mp3 players.
How to connect headphones to the phone
You can use an adapter
To connect to the iPhone headphones with a thick plug, you can purchase a special adapter from Belkin. However, this adapter has two obvious drawbacks. First, it does not support the microphone function, and secondly, it is not flexible, and so will stick out of your phone, and it's not very nice and convenient.
Another adaptor is manufactured by the company Apple. These problems it has, but costs about $ 20. So think for yourself, do you tolerate the inconvenience or to opt for the more expensive product.
Use the adapter
The company Shure is releasing a special adapter for the iPhone (full name - Shure Music Phone Adapter for iPhone). Adapter is not cheap – as much as $ 40, however, solves all the problems with the use of headphones for the iPhone.
Use a soldering iron
This method is suitable only for those who are skillful with a soldering iron and definitely confident in their technical skills. You can just solder the headphone to the headset of the iPhone, which is included in the kit. Network you can even find a video with detailed instruction.
In General, the easiest way is to spend money and buy specialized headphones. This will protect you from all sorts of problems and unpleasant situations.

Advice 3 : How to connect headset

Headphones Bluetooth do the job computer user really comfortable. The absence of wires, high quality sound and the ability to work away from the computer doing this accessory is really indispensable.
How to connect Bluetooth headphones
You will need
  • Headphones connecting via Bluetooth, the computer.
Before you can enjoy working at a computer in Bluetooth-headphones, you need to make a proper connection. The first step will be to install the necessary software. Disk with the necessary drivers mandatory supplied with the product. After inserting the CD into the drive, do not modify during the installation process paths of the destination files. After the driver installation is complete, you can proceed to the next step.
At this stage, you have to connect to the computer's Bluetooth adapter. As well as the necessary software, this accessory is included in the total package of the product. Insert the adapter into the USB port and wait until the computer detect the device. Please note that the headset must be in "ON" position, otherwise, it is possible that the program won't find the accessory and will generate an error. Once the device is recognised, you will be able to play, listen to music and chat with friends as comfortable as possible.
Noteworthy is the fact that the headphones that work Bluetooth, do not require frequent change of batteries and can operate at a considerable distance from the computer. Also not to mention the fact that when the headset is unnecessary to configure anything – all actions are performed in automatic mode.

Advice 4 : How to connect a headset to the phone Sony Ericsson

Mobile phone is an attribute of modern life and is almost every. A talk on it several hours a day. Using a headset helps to facilitate communication and make hands free. How to connect a gadget?
How to connect a headset to the phone Sony Ericsson
Check the compatibility of headset with your Sony Ericsson phone in order to ensure that the mobile is designed for use with this type of headset. Before use, charge your phone and headset from the AC charger.
To connect the headset to your phone Sony Ericsson needed to create a unique wireless channel between two devices. To do this, turn on your Sony Ericsson phone. Turn your existing pre-charged headsetby pressing and holding the "Answer/end call". After you hear a beep, the headset will be included, what will inform a flashing light on it.
Menu Sony Ericsson phone, locate the Bluetooth tab, go into it and search for new devices. After the phone finds the headsetyou want to connect, you'll need to pair the two devices. To do this, confirm your cell phone on whether you want to pair with the headset connected, clicking on the "Yes"button.
After this, your Sony Ericsson mobile phone will require you to enter a security code. The default is 0000. Enter the code and confirm it by pressing again the "Yes" button. Once paired, the gadget will be connected to your phoneand it will the corresponding indicator light on the headset. After the first pairing the headset with your mobile phone, you will find the gadget in the auto mode.
The headset cannot be used while charging.

The headset is not designed to work with landline phones

Cordless phones and wireless networking equipment may cause interference, creating noise while talking on the mobile with the headset.
Useful advice
Remember that the radius of the wireless channel between your phone and headset around 10 meters.

Advice 5 : How to connect Bluetooth headphones to your phone

To use a cell phone much easier when you have a Bluetooth headset. Excludes irradiation of the head, it becomes possible simultaneously with the conversation to look at the screen of the device. There is not any entanglement of wires.
How to connect Bluetooth headphones to your phone
Before using the headset, which was just purchased or were inactive for a long time, charge the integrated battery. Use the charger included in its kit. If it is released by the same manufacturer as your phone, in some cases it can charge the same device that phone and actually, but it is inconvenient because you will loose the ability to charge both devices simultaneously.
Please note that the Bluetooth headset from any manufacturer can be connected to the telephone of any other manufacturer (provided that such an interface it has). It is the need to ensure compatibility of equipment from different manufacturers among themselves in their time and became the reason for the development of the Bluetooth standard.
Turn on Bluetooth on your phone if it was turned off.
Look in the menu item that corresponds to the mode of connecting Bluetooth devices. For example, in Nokia: "Menu" -> "Options" -> "Communication" -> Bluetooth.
Power on headset, using, depending on its design, a button or switch. Press the headset button to reset. In some cases, it may be arranged so that clicking on it will have such as a pen. Don't put the extra effort.
Run in phone mode, search for Bluetooth devices. Find the entry corresponding to the name of the headset. Start pairing with him.
View the instructions for the headset, which you must enter the code to pair with it. If no instructions, take turns codes 0000, 1234 and 12345.
Once the pairing is done, the headset will no longer be visible to other users. It will remain so (and paired with your phone) until, until you press the reset button.
Reset the headset by pressing the respective button and perform the pairing again in case if it crashed or if it must connect to another phone.
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