To start, activate the bluetooth on both devices. To turn bluetooth on the headset, hold down the power button for about 8-10 seconds. The result will begin flashing luminous diode, which would mean the inclusion of the necessary treatment. Usually, it runs for 30 seconds. To turn on bluetooth on the phone, go to menu and select the appropriate section in the activation mode bluetooth.
Then search active devices using a mobile phone. For reliable reception of the signal distance between the phone and the headphones should not be more than 8-10 meters. After this will list the bluetooth environment, specify the necessary item.
This starts the identification process. Phone to discover the bluetooth headset, will bring her to your list of devices. Then make a pair of mobile phone and wireless headphones. Headphones and phone like any other bluetooth device, has its personal MAC address composed of 48 bits. To complete the pairing, the phone will be sent to your MAC address, headset which entered the list is designed to work devices. However, the pairing is not established until in appeared in the phone window is not the password you enter. As a rule, the default is 0000, but some models of bluetooth headphone can use other values. To read more about them in the instructions.
After that the device will be ready to work together. The distance that can be transmitted signal is about 10 meters, but in areas it may be reduced. In addition, the bluetooth headphones are unable to work simultaneously with multiple devices. The headset is powered through a rechargeable battery, usually lithium-polymer.