Advice 1: How to connect bluetooth headphones to your phone

The popularity of bluetooth headphones is the convenience of use and practical versatility. To begin to use them, you need to connect to the phone.
How to connect bluetooth headphones to your phone
To start, activate the bluetooth on both devices. To turn bluetooth on the headset, hold down the power button for about 8-10 seconds. The result will begin flashing luminous diode, which would mean the inclusion of the necessary treatment. Usually, it runs for 30 seconds. To turn on bluetooth on the phone, go to menu and select the appropriate section in the activation mode bluetooth.
Then search active devices using a mobile phone. For reliable reception of the signal distance between the phone and the headphones should not be more than 8-10 meters. After this will list the bluetooth environment, specify the necessary item.
This starts the identification process. Phone to discover the bluetooth headset, will bring her to your list of devices. Then make a pair of mobile phone and wireless headphones. Headphones and phone like any other bluetooth device, has its personal MAC address composed of 48 bits. To complete the pairing, the phone will be sent to your MAC address, headset which entered the list is designed to work devices. However, the pairing is not established until in appeared in the phone window is not the password you enter. As a rule, the default is 0000, but some models of bluetooth headphone can use other values. To read more about them in the instructions.
After that the device will be ready to work together. The distance that can be transmitted signal is about 10 meters, but in areas it may be reduced. In addition, the bluetooth headphones are unable to work simultaneously with multiple devices. The headset is powered through a rechargeable battery, usually lithium-polymer.

Advice 2 : How to connect headphones to the phone

As a rule, connect the headphones to the phone is not difficult. However, there are some models where it is quite difficult to do, despite the possible flexibility of the phone. Let's look at the possibility of connecting headphones to the iPhone. The fact that this smartphone is not suitable for every headphone. There are two main reasons. First – the headphone Jack of the iPhone as if recessed into the housing, and thus, headphones with wide connectors will not fit. The second reason is a function of the microphone. In order for the microphone function was preserved, earphone needed with four channels, not three, as, for example, headphones for mp3 players.
How to connect headphones to the phone
You can use an adapter
To connect to the iPhone headphones with a thick plug, you can purchase a special adapter from Belkin. However, this adapter has two obvious drawbacks. First, it does not support the microphone function, and secondly, it is not flexible, and so will stick out of your phone, and it's not very nice and convenient.
Another adaptor is manufactured by the company Apple. These problems it has, but costs about $ 20. So think for yourself, do you tolerate the inconvenience or to opt for the more expensive product.
Use the adapter
The company Shure is releasing a special adapter for the iPhone (full name - Shure Music Phone Adapter for iPhone). Adapter is not cheap – as much as $ 40, however, solves all the problems with the use of headphones for the iPhone.
Use a soldering iron
This method is suitable only for those who are skillful with a soldering iron and definitely confident in their technical skills. You can just solder the headphone to the headset of the iPhone, which is included in the kit. Network you can even find a video with detailed instruction.
In General, the easiest way is to spend money and buy specialized headphones. This will protect you from all sorts of problems and unpleasant situations.

Advice 3 : How to connect wireless headphones

The convenience of such an accessory is due to the lack of any wires. When you purchase wireless headphones, many PC users encounter problems when they connect to the computer.
Wireless headphones
You will need
  • Computer, wireless headphones.
When purchasing wireless headphones, pay special attention to the study of the delivery of the product. So in the simplest set of today necessarily have to be yourself earphones, a USB device that will stream sound, and a CD with the necessary software to connect the headphones to the computer. More "advanced" and expensive sets can include USB extension cable for the transmitter, which will allow you to use headphones at a considerable distance from the PC, as well as other accessories.
Immediately before connecting the headphones to the computer, you must install the system software that is stored on disk. To do this you need to insert the disc in the drive and wait for its automatic startup. In the process of installation is not recommended to change the settings at default, otherwise, when further connecting devices can cause problems with activating it. After you have installed the necessary drivers, you can begin to connect headphones to a PC.
Insert the headphones the battery and put the switch in the "ON" position. Take the USB dongle that comes with the product and insert it into one of the free ports on your computer. The system automatically starts the process of provisioning new equipment, which will take more than ten seconds. Once the USB dongle is identified, you will be able to evaluate all the advantages enjoyed by wireless headphones.

Advice 4 : How to connect a diode

To connect diode, you must ensure that its settings correspond to the electrical circuit. In addition, before connecting the diode should be checked for serviceability, so that the device is not out of order.
Examples of the connection diode
You will need
  • Equipment required: soldering iron, screwdriver, wire, knife, multimeter.
Check the diode.
Check for a faulty diode. To do this put the multimeter in continuity test mode or resistance measurement. Insights diodeand should not be attached to any equipment. Touch the probes of the findings of the diodeand then adjust the location of the probe and retry the operation. Serviceable diode should zvonnitsa in only one direction. Remember or label the output, which touched the probe of positive polarity, at a time when the diode is to be called an. This pin is called the anode.
Mounting the diodein the circuit of alternating current.
Do not break in the AC circuit, by cutting the wire or disconnecting it from the terminals of any electrical appliance. Strip the wire ends and solder them with a soldering iron. Insights solder the diodeand to the resulting ends, or if design allows the diodeand connect the wire using bolt connections.
Mounting a diodein a DC circuit.
Do not break in the electric circuit, strip and solder the ends of the wires are obtained. Determine the polarity of the voltage in a circuit where you intend to install the diode. This can be done with a multimeter in the measurement mode of the DC. Touch the probes to the ends of the wires, to created an open circuit. If the readings on the display are negative, then the negative or common probe is on a wire with a positive polarity. If the reading is positive, then the positive probe touches the point with the corresponding polarity. Determine the polarity of the diodeand in electrical circuit. If a diode is used as the conductive element, then connect the anode side of a point with a positive voltage. When using a diodeas a locking element, the anode is attached to the negative electrical circuit. Solder or otherwise connect the insights diodeand the portion of the circuit.
All operations with the installation and dismantling of equipment should be carried out with completely de-energized circuit.
Useful advice
Before installing the diodes, verify that the electrical parameters, such as allowable current and voltage correspond to those in force in the used electric circuit.

Advice 5 : How to enable bluetooth on the phone

Mobile phones equipped with Bluetooth function, allow you to communicate via radio to a distance of ten meters. The device with which the exchange (including the other phone) must have the same interface.
How to enable bluetooth on the phone
Look in your phone menu item called Bluetooth. For example, the Nokia it can be in the following location: "Settings" - "Connect" - Bluetooth.
Appear entry form consisting of multiple fields. In the field of Bluetooth, select "On" so that the interface is activated. In the box labeled "Available to all" or similar, select "Yes" or "No" depending on whether you want to make your phone visible to other devices. Note that if the phone is visible, vulnerabilities in the firmware may allow attackers to read without knowing the contents of his memory. But the probability is small enough. In the "phone Name", enter an arbitrary string. It is possible to use both Latin and Cyrillic. So as not to arouse the interest of potential thieves, you can enter in this field the name of any cheap device. By having a field "Remote SIM access" for security purposes you must enter a value "Disabled".
To transfer a file to another phone, select it using the built in file Manager or similar designation of third-party program (e.g. X-Plore). In the context menu, select "Transfer" then the sub-item "Bluetooth" (the exact names of these items vary depending on the program). Start auto device search. Select among them the receiving phone. It appears the enquiry. Answer it is positive and the file is transferred. He will be in the same folder that stores received SMS messages and MMS messages. If both phones will be asked to request password, enter each of them is any four-digit number - the main thing that it was on both machines are the same. Do not disclose to persons outside of a normal circle of a family files, the rights to which belong not to you. Having received from an unknown person executable file, in any case do not run it - it can be malicious.
On a PC equipped with a Bluetooth interface, a file transfer in the same way. The difference will be only in the fact that the enquiry be displayed on the screen will not - the computer will accept the file without warning.
To pair with your phone external GLONASS or GPS receiver first, do a master reset of the console by pressing the appropriate button. Then start on your phone navigation software, and its men, select the search receiver. Finding the last in the list of devices, select it. Enter the password 0000, but if it's not, try the password 1234 and 12345. Immediately after pairing, the receiver will become invisible for other phones until it is again subjected to total rejection.
Wireless headset connect to the phone via the above mentioned menu item Bluetooth. Do a full reset of the headset intended for this button. Press the right joystick button of the phone, and instead of the input form will appear in the paired devices list. Print context menu of the left podarennoe button, then select "New paired device" or similar. In the list, select the headset, and then enter the password as described above. Through this menu you can delete the paired devices, for example, when the headset is transferred to another person.
Take measures to ensure data integrity.

Advice 6 : How to use bluetooth

Bluetooth technology allows you to exchange voice messages and data between two or more electronic devices. Ways to use this technology very much, for example, a wireless connection between the printer and computer, connecting the headset to the phone, etc. to Use a Bluetooth is fairly easy, it is only necessary to observe the sequence of action in each case.
How to use bluetooth

The capabilities of the device

Before using Bluetooth find out what capabilities your device possesses. For example, some phones allow you to transfer data using Bluetooth technology, others give the ability to make calls via the connected wireless headset.
Find out what opportunities are available to your device, you can study the user manual or through the manufacturer's website.


In order to use bluetooth technology, devices must only be connected to each other wirelessly. The method of connection depends on the type of devices you use. Detailed instructions can be read in the user manual. Most often the connection of devices is done in a few simple steps, for example, turn on Bluetooth, open access, other devices, search connections, etc.

Data transfer

If your device allows you to transfer data via Bluetooth, you can quickly share them without resorting to computer assistance. For example, if you have a digital camera that supports this technology, you can transfer the videos and photos directly to your smartphone. The communication can be between any Bluetooth-enabled device, e.g. a TV, a camera, a camcorder, a computer (both windows and linux), smartphone, etc.
Bluetooth can also be used to synchronize the data.

Talking on the phone

Some models of smartphones and even landline phones allow you to talk using the Bluetooth technology which in this case is used to connect headphones or headset. In addition, Bluetooth is embedded in some cars that allows you to conduct a phone conversation without taking up arms.

Other applications

Bluetooth technology can be used to minimize wiring devices. For example, stereos, printers and computer mouse can connect without the cables, which makes their use more comfortable. Such possibilities are especially important in offices, when the printer is located in a separate room, connected to several computers. In the same conditions as domestic Bluetooth allows you to achieve excellent surround sound stereo system, putting the speakers almost anywhere.
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