You will need
  • - user's manual of the Bluetooth device.
Check the battery level of the Bluetooth device and the phone. Headset charge using the AC charger supplied with it. Charge the phone to at least 50%.
Activate in the settings of the phone (presumably the tab "Communication") Bluetooth module. Check mark the "Allow detection of unauthorized devices", if there is one. Place the phone and the Bluetoothheadset around.
Turn on the headset by pressing the appropriate button. The indicator on the device should light up or blink rapidly and thus indicate that it is ready to use. Put the headset in a configuration mode (pairing). To do this, press a certain button on it, or their sequence, as indicated in the instructions.
If the instructions made no mention of the way mate, use the universal method: press the power button to the Bluetooth headset until the indicator will not be lit, no longer blinking. The headset will be available in pairing mode for 30 seconds.
Look at the screen of his phone. It should automatically receive a prompt from the headset on the prohibition or permit of the connection of the Bluetooth device. Confirm that you want to connect to the headset.
If the request does not appear, go to settings (tab "Communication") and select "Search new devices". Select the Bluetooth headset in her name. Connect, enter the password you specified in the instructions to the wireless device. The setup is now complete, and the Bluetooth headset can be used.