Modern mobile phone is an enviable versatility that was not available to the apparatus of the recent past. The most popular of the advanced features of a smartphone is the ability to use it as a powerful multimedia player. Listening to music, radio, watching your favorite movies saved on the memory card — the phone uses the most users.

BlueTooth headset: connecting and pairing

It is known that speaker phone is not designed for high-quality playback of music, although the gadget is quite capable of producing quite high quality and deep stereo sound. But the benefits of the sound quality can only be realized when the headphones or headset that is included with the factory package. This headset allows you to make calls via the hands free system, which is handy if you need to call someone, and frost on the street, or driving a car... it is possible to listen to music with high quality.

But included, as a rule, wired headset, that is not always possible to consider the easy — wire constrains the movement and to some extent may restrict the freedom of use of the gadget. Much easier is to use a BlueTooth headset, you have to buy separately. Of course, if it is necessary.

Buying a Bluetooth headset, you need to pair it with your phone. This will need to include it, then activate the phone BlueTooth function. Immediately after activated, the phone will automatically search for devices that will be displayed in the list view. Selecting this list the headset, you must pair it with your phone.

BlueTooth headset: how to listen to music

And here user can trap a big disappointment. The headset helps with the calls but on playing music! It happens when buy cheap accessory that attaches to the ear and is intended only for service calls. If you need to you can use it for listening to music, you need to look at more expensive models with two headphones that provides high-quality stereo music playback.

By the way, this accessory can be used for joint work with a laptop with BlueTooth module.