To connect a headset to the phone using Bluetooth wireless connection, you need to pair your headset with your mobile phone. The procedure for pairing is to implement a secure connection between the phone and the headset. This must be done in order that no one could overhear a phone conversation while in range of your bluetooth transmitter. The steps for pairing may vary depending on the brand of your phone, but the basic principle is retained.
So, in order to connect a headset to the phone, the first thing you need to enable both devices - the phone and headset, and make sure they are in range of each other.
Then, activate search mode in the headset. This usually requires you click and hold a short time function button on the headset, or press answer the call.
The functions of your phone find the section for managing Bluetooth devices, and initiate search for new device. After the search is over, among other devices, you should see the name of your headset.
It is necessary to select and add to the list of connected devices for further identification. Then the phone will prompt you to enter a password, enter 0000. After that the pairing process is complete.
If you have any problems, and the headset is not defined, or if the process simply terminates, you should check whether headset is charged whether the battery is and if there are any obstacles in the way of signal or noise, then repeat the process.
If it failed to work the device with your phone, you need to contact the technical support of the manufacturer of the headset for compatibility with this model.