Connect the micro-transmitter to power supply. If the unit uses batteries, remove the back cover and insert the batteries into the slot, then put the cap back on. If the device uses the power supply, connect it to the transmitter using the appropriate plug, then turn on the network.
Next connect the micro-transmitter to the connector on the TV, responsible for audio out. Usually it has an interface of type "Tulip". In some models of TVs connector is used with a different interface. If your TV has one of these connectors line output, pre-purchase the appropriate adaptor. Also in some models there is a special audio output for headphones.
Next, turn on the microtransmitter by using the corresponding button. When properly working indicator should illuminate, indicating normal operation.
After this you need to enable the device for reception is connected to the earphones themselves. This is usually done by turning the wheel, which is responsible for adjusting the volume level of sound. Will realize by using the dedicated button the scan range to find the signal from the transmitter. In some cases this can happen immediately, since at these frequencies to broadcast some radio stations. If it fails, click reset search results, and retry the scan.
Next, you will need to adjust the sound level. Optimal volume is considered to be in the fifth or a quarter of the maximum possible. When you set the volume more than a third significantly increases the risk of distortion and other interference.
When watching TV from a distance of more than 7-8 meters, greatly deteriorating the reception quality of the transmitted signal. In some cases, it may disappear altogether.