First of all you need moonshine. It can be purchased in the store or do it yourself. For the manufacture of the most common designs moonshine still need a tank or a flask under Braga, a thermometer, a metal coil (spiraled tube) for cooling alcohol vapor. And prepare a bucket or other receptacle under the cooler.
Now we have to put Braga. Existing recipes moonshine so numerous that focus on the most traditional. On 10 l of water take 3 kg of sugar and 300 g of yeast. All stir and put to ferment in a dark place at a temperature of 20-22 degrees. Braga Matures approximately 5-7 days. The final product should be 2-3 liters.
Assemble the apparatus. The flask with the finished Braga wear the upside down aluminum pan, suitable for the diameter of the neck. The pan should be 2 holes for the coil and thermometer. Next to the jar to put a bucket or tank with integrated into the lower part of the tap. Insert the straight end of the coil into the hole on the bottom of the pan to a depth. To lower in standing next to the tank coil, a second end sealingly connect with an output tap.
All holes and cracks on the flask of Mead to cover the test. Important to pair when heated mash left only in the coil. Secure the thermometer in the second hole on the pan. Pour into a tank of cold water. To turn on the heat under the flask and heat it until the thermometer shows 80 degrees. After some time out of the faucet will start to drip brew.
Need to monitor the temperature of the mash and constantly replace the water in the tank is cold. Also regularly do a sample of the brew, when it will cease to burn, to complete the process. Now cleaning is required of moonshine. This can be done, strain it through cheesecloth with activated charcoal. If the brew to overtake again, but in smaller capacity, it will be even tighter and cleaner.