You will need
    • Clean water
    • Jam
    • Sugar
    • Raisins and fruits
    • Capacity to prepare the wort and yeast
    • Yeast wine 3%
    • The fermentation capacity of the water-gate, glove
    • cord and needle)
    • Thermometer
    • A wooden paddle (stick)
    • Small ladle or a rubber hose
    • Bag
    • sewn from a piece of white flannel (fine sieve)
Prepare thoroughly cleaned large container – jar for milk or glass wine bottle. If you want to make Mead out of a jam in a small amount, enough three-liter jars. When using a vessel of glass, also take an enamel pan or pot for heating water.
Put in a vessel of fermented sugar or jam and fill it with cold water. You need to add sugar to taste at the future of the brew was sweet, but not cloying. According to classic recipes, 40 liters of water would need 10 liters of jam and sugar. In sweet wort you can also add raisins or softened to a pulp of sweet fruits and berries.
Place the container on a medium heat and, stirring, heat the mixture. Turn off the heat and let the liquid cool to room temperature. Meanwhile, prepare the leaven.
Pinch of fresh wine yeast (not frozen!) in warm water, until the mixture becomes homogeneous. Add yeast to the wort and mix everything carefully.
Place the future home of jam in the fermentation capacity and install a water seal (or rubber glove). If you are using a glove, a part of carbonic gas will bleed through the dressing, but to prevent "explosion" follow on two fingers the holes with a needle.
Put a container of brew out of a jam in a warm place, eliminating sharp fluctuations in temperature (as drafts and heat). Sometimes to speed up the process of preparation of alcoholic beverage fermentation capacity put in protoplennoy bathhouse or to the battery. Home winemakers believe that too high a temperature ruins the flavor of the mash.