So corking bottles when storing homemade wine or champagne is by using softened in hot water, thick tubes, which after corking tie with wet cord to avoid the shot if the champagne starts to wander.
The second least-known and reliable method bottles is a way of pouring tube, previously inserted in the neck of the bottle, with wax or wax. The blockage will be reliable, and with it having a unique, unique look. As a rule, after pouring the wax the neck wrapped in burlap or pieces of any other tissue.
The third method of corking bottles is used in place of caps or plugs of plastic film. To do this, after filling the bottles need liquid dip the film in alcohol and apply to the neck of the bottle, pressing the ends down. Wrap the tape several times with twine and tie tightly. This method is good for storage not for a very long time.
The fourth way – blockage of the bottle with candle wax. Reliable and proven method for which you want to purchase a conventional wax candle, melt it, and pour the liquid wax on top, about 2-3 cm from the tip of the neck. Give a little to harden and tube ready. In this case a wax plug will be very tight and practical.
Blockage with nipples. A fairly simple way, however, it is not possible to store liquids in bottles for a long time. When blockage of a pacifier you need to pour the liquid into a bottle and holding it upright, put on the neck of a conventional baby nipple for bottle with no hole.
Clogging a bottle of liquid you can use carved wood plugs. This is perfect Linden, aspen and other soft hardwoods. In addition to the wood you can use newspaper. Homemade tube from the Newspapers have known for a long time, especially when blockage of moonshine. It is necessary to take the newspaper, crumple it and roll a tight tube. Usually with this method of newspaper dipped in a little water to the tube was more durable and tight.
Corking bottles with resin. To do this, take any tube that is suitable for your bottle (plastic, plastic, rubber, cork, etc.), dipped it in tar and insert into the bottle. The cooling of this tube will be able for many years to hermetically seal the bottle. Remember that with this method, the bottle neck should be dry as the resin to wet the surface does not stick.
The eighth way – blockage of the bottle with salt. This kind of tube is suitable for sealing hot fluids. To do this, pour the liquid, lower the gauze into the neck, pour the salt, wait for steam to penetrate, thus making salt a dense, apply a second layer of cheesecloth and tie with string around the neck several times.
Remember, when tying the neck with string or twine thread you need to pre-wet, so drying it was even stronger and tighter.