Advice 1: How to clean the brew

Moonshine is produced from the mash by distillation with the help of moonshine. After the distilling process, this strong drink is required to clear from impurities, as well as get rid of the odor.
How to clean the brew
Clean finished brew from impurities with potassium permanganate. In three-liter jar of moonshine, pour 2 – 3 grams of potassium permanganate. Close the jar, shake and put in a water bath at a temperature of 50 – 70 degrees Celsius for 10 – 15 minutes. Wait until the sediment and pour out the clean drink.
Add to 1 liter moonshine alcohol 8 – 10 g sodium carbonate. Stir and leave to infuse for 20 – 30 minutes. Then stir again. After 10 to 12 hours, drain and remove sediment.
Freeze the moonshine – that it will improve the taste and water, frozen to the wall of the container, will absorb fusel impurities. Pour the brew into a thick-walled vessel, e.g. a bottle of champagne, close and place in the freezer or in the cold for a few days. Water together with impurities to turn into ice. Then pour clean brew into another container until the ice melted.
Add in 3 litres of moonshine alcohol 50 tablets of activated charcoal 2 tbsp. tablespoons of oak bark, a pinch of vanilla, a handful of dried cherry and leave for a week. Then strain and add another 20 to 40 tablets of activated charcoal. Leave to infuse for at least another week. Or miss moonshine several times through a water filter, use a new tape.
Whisk the whites with water or 200 ml of skim milk and immediately pour in 1 liter moonshine drink. After 2 – 4 days, when the mixture is white and flakes will settle to the bottom, pour the clear liquid into another container.
Get rid of the odor by using coal – to 12 liters of vodka take 400 grams of fresh birch coals. Leave the mixture until then, until the coal to settle to the bottom and the liquid becomes clear. Then carefully drain the brew and dilute with water (2 parts drink to 1 part water). Add 800 g of crushed raisins, walnuts, parsley or apples and skip the re-brew through the machine.
High-quality brew should be clear and transparent. The turbidity of the liquid indicates the presence of fusel oils.

Advice 2: How to make moonshine

Some people associate moonshine with the secondary alcohol, which I drink only in impoverished villages. However, there are many supporters of this original Russian potions claiming that the brew is much safer fake vodka, which crowded the shelves. And much more economical. To make a conclusion, try to master moonshine at home and taste the drink prepared by their own hands.
How to make moonshine
First of all you need moonshine. It can be purchased in the store or do it yourself. For the manufacture of the most common designs moonshine still need a tank or a flask under Braga, a thermometer, a metal coil (spiraled tube) for cooling alcohol vapor. And prepare a bucket or other receptacle under the cooler.
Now we have to put Braga. Existing recipes moonshine so numerous that focus on the most traditional. On 10 l of water take 3 kg of sugar and 300 g of yeast. All stir and put to ferment in a dark place at a temperature of 20-22 degrees. Braga Matures approximately 5-7 days. The final product should be 2-3 liters.
Assemble the apparatus. The flask with the finished Braga wear the upside down aluminum pan, suitable for the diameter of the neck. The pan should be 2 holes for the coil and thermometer. Next to the jar to put a bucket or tank with integrated into the lower part of the tap. Insert the straight end of the coil into the hole on the bottom of the pan to a depth. To lower in standing next to the tank coil, a second end sealingly connect with an output tap.
All holes and cracks on the flask of Mead to cover the test. Important to pair when heated mash left only in the coil. Secure the thermometer in the second hole on the pan. Pour into a tank of cold water. To turn on the heat under the flask and heat it until the thermometer shows 80 degrees. After some time out of the faucet will start to drip brew.
Need to monitor the temperature of the mash and constantly replace the water in the tank is cold. Also regularly do a sample of the brew, when it will cease to burn, to complete the process. Now cleaning is required of moonshine. This can be done, strain it through cheesecloth with activated charcoal. If the brew to overtake again, but in smaller capacity, it will be even tighter and cleaner.
For example, to prepare high-quality brew with a delicate aroma and pleasant taste, it is impossible to make moonshine from sugar beet or her Marc. But it is beet moonshine is the best suited for making sharp spirits, which also will be low cost.
Useful advice
On this basis, from a 5-liter pressure cooker expels 0,9-0,95 liter of vodka, and 50-liter cans – 9-9,5 liters, respectively. The shape and dimensions of the device should be chosen considering the dimensions of the room, where You will drive the moonshine and it is necessary to consider the place where to store this equipment.

Advice 3: Why moonshine muddy

Moonshine is known for a strong drink with a rich history. To prepare high-quality brew is not so easy. Beginners "distillers" will not immediately get a good drink – inexperience, they kick out a turbid liquid.
Why moonshine muddy
In the manufacturing of moonshine, from the selection of raw materials to distillation and purification of the resulting product involved a large number of diverse components. The preparation of the drink will require careful attention to the observance of technology.

What is the technology of preparation of the drink

Preparation of the brew process, which involves many components at once. At some stages you need to carefully follow the temperature regime. One can distinguish the following stages of the process:
- preparation of raw materials;
- fermentation composition;
- distillation;
- purification of the resulting brew;
- giving brew is aromatic, the taste and color qualities.

Muddy the brew has a bad taste and smell, result from the neglect of the requirements of the manufacturing techniques that apply at each of its stages. If you use for moonshine perestaval Braga, get a drink with an unpleasant heavy smell. Assuming during distillation the boiling of the liquid drops at the output of turbid.

If you follow all the steps, it is possible to not particularly muddy, but to improve the smell and taste to spend an additional cleanup. There are a lot of ways.

Cleaning the brew

In the moonshine, a little diluted with water, put some potassium permanganate – just a few crumbs on the tip of a knife. Should be a slightly pinkish color. Then the liquid needs to settle – it will take 2-3 days. On the bottom of the tank deposited black flakes. They should try not to shake when pouring the brew into another container and the fluid to drain more through a double layer of cheesecloth or through cotton wool.

It is possible to clean the activated carbon. Hold it comfortably even in the process of distillation. Coal can be purchased at the pharmacy or in the pet store – the one that is meant for aquarium filters, is quite inexpensive. In the funnel put a piece of cotton, cover with a bandage or gauze. You put it on crushed coal and to substitute a dripping funnel under the moonshine. If it seems that clean is better in capacity available and this option. It is necessary to prepare the crushed coal at the rate of 50 grams per 1 liter of vodka, fill the container and within two weeks to insist. From time to time the mixture must be stirred. In conclusion, all filtered through cotton wool.

Purification using pine nuts. They not only cleanse drink from harmful impurities, but the flavor will soften. Per litre of the brew will need a small handful. Infuse two weeks, filter through cotton wool. Nuts to throw away.

Advice 4: To insist on what brew to get the noble drink

Moonshine is not necessarily troubled bad-smelling liquid with a bad taste. This homemade spiked the drink can be made nobility with the help of simple folk recipes.
To insist on what brew to get the noble drink

Moonshine - the basis of a vigorous drink with the original taste

Quality moonshine home production it is possible to obtain a set of practically analogues of a variety of noble drinks. An important role in this plays the skill of the moonshiner and expertly welded Braga, but the most important is the recipe of the product.

To obtain a wheat brew, the taste is indistinguishable from vodka, you need to make a starter from the following ingredients: 4 kg of sugar, ground wheat 1 kg, yeast cake 100 g, water 3 liters. Ferment for 5 days put in a warm place, after their expiration, add 5 kg of sugar, 300 g yeast and 18 liters of water. The resulting mixture is put in a warm place for one week. When Braga will be bitter and bright, it needs to drain and overtake. Waste from straining too, you can make a drink, it is enough to add a bucket of water, 3 kg sugar, 150 grams of yeast, and twice to overtake.

To create moonshine "Medoc" you need to take 3 kg of honey, 300 g of yeast and 27 liters of water. Braga for a week, put in a warm place. After distillation should be approximately 7 liters of the brew smooth and rich honey flavor.

To create a special caramel taste of vodka in 20 liters of water was dissolved 300 g yeast and 5 kg caramel candy with any filling to taste. Braga put in 9-10 days in a warm place. After distillation, we get 5 litres of caramel vodka.

Moonshine - based drinks

Now, after repeated distillation and acquisition of the necessary skills from the purest moonshine you can prepare a noble drink. To create absinthe you need 300 grams of anise and 200 g of wormwood pour 10 liters of moonshine. The mixture was infused for two weeks and is distilled again.

To make Kedrovomu", you need 3 liters of moonshine to take 2-3 tablespoons of chopped oak bark, two handfuls of raisins and pine nuts. Infused for two weeks and poured into a clean container.

To create a three-liter jar of brandy, you must take six fresh leaves of lovage, 3 Bud cloves, 3 tablespoons of flowers of Hypericum, two teaspoons to brew black tea and instant coffee. Allow the mixture to steep for a few days and pour into a clean container.

You can also use another recipe to obtain a brandy of vodka. In this case, three liters of vodka take 5 buds of cloves, half nutmeg and 3 tablespoons of chopped oak bark and coffee beans. Insist the mixture for a week and filtered. But ideally, the finished drink should be able to withstand oak barrels in the cellar for 15 years.

Gin can be made at the stage of the second stage. After the first distillation, per liter of brew you need to add 200 g of chopped or crushed juniper berries. The resulting mixture was distilled again.

For the preparation of plum and cherry need to take wrinkled or overripe plum perespevshey cherries and pour the brim with vodka. After six weeks, the beverage can be drained, and berries to throw in sugar syrup. After three weeks, those sugar plums or cherries again mixed with moonshine. Then the mixture is necessary to re-strain and pour into a clean container. The drink will be ready only after six months.
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