Advice 1: How to "improve" moonshine

Moonshine is considered a beverage ignoble, plebeian. It is assumed that the place of moonshine somewhere in the village feast, in the boondocks where there is no possibility to buy for celebration more refined alcohol. However, quite a bit of effort – and a lot of fragrant brew into a drink, taste is not inferior to expensive vodkas and brandies.
Who said that the ignoble drink?
You will need
    • For the first recipe:
    • 3 liters of vodka;
    • ½ Cup of walnut membranes;
    • potassium permanganate;
    • spices (cloves
    • Tmin);
    • tea;
    • vanilla sugar;
    • tea (dry leaves);
    • oak bark;
    • citric acid.
    • For the second recipe
    • the tops of wormwood;
    • salt;
    • moonshine
    • med.
    • For the third recipe
    • juniper berries;
    • moonshine.
    • For the fourth recipe
    • anise seeds;
    • moonshine
    • soft water.
Home kogakusha 3 liters of vodka in a jar, add:- potassium permanganate on the tip of a knife (it is necessary to remove fusel oils);
- 7 buds cloves;
- 1 tablespoon caraway seeds, dry tea and vanilla sugar;
lemon acid on a knife tip;
- 0.5 cups of walnut membranes.To give noble "oak" taste (cognac is it because brewed in oak barrels) can be added to an infusion 1 teaspoon of dry oak bark.Close the jar and leave at room temperature for more than a week. Before use, strain.
Wormwood, samogonka cooking 300 grams of the tops of wormwood and 60 grams of salt, pour 12 liters of double-distilled brew and steep a week. On the eighth day, in infusion, add 1.2 kg of honey and re-overtake.
Juniper sloganator moonshine to taste practically does not differ from expensive varieties of gin. To make such a brew, shalt 1.6 kilograms of juniper berries and pour 8 liters of moonshine. Insist at room temperature for 2 weeks. On day 15 will again drive the tincture.
Anise smagorinsky the favorite drink of Peter the Great, who tasted it during their feasts. Well, and you worse? The preparation of the drink – not a quick process, but it's worth it.Shalt in a mortar 200 grams of anise seeds and pour 10 liters of double-distilled moonshine. Insist 28 days. After 4 weeks, pour in infusion of 5 liters of water and over again overtake. Again add the resulting infusion of 200 grams of crushed anise seeds and steep again for 4 weeks. After 4 weeks, filter the infusion and a third dilute soft spring water.
The yellow color of the drink you get at the insistence of moonshine on the grass (Melisa, Veronica or mint) as well as on the leaves of parsley, horseradish or celery. Spirituous essence of saffron also lends a yellow color to the brew.Red brew gives by macerating dried blueberries.
Useful advice
Purification and ennoblement of moonshine - is an integral part in its manufacture for themselves. Cleaning the brew of potassium permanganate. In diluted up to 40 - 45° brew of potassium permanganate is added at the tip of the knife. Stir until slightly pink in color and settles give 2 - 3 days. Then carefully not to disturb the black flakes have settled to the bottom is drained and filtered through cotton wool.

Advice 2 : To insist on what brew to get the noble drink

Moonshine is not necessarily troubled bad-smelling liquid with a bad taste. This homemade spiked the drink can be made nobility with the help of simple folk recipes.
To insist on what brew to get the noble drink

Moonshine - the basis of a vigorous drink with the original taste

Quality moonshine home production it is possible to obtain a set of practically analogues of a variety of noble drinks. An important role in this plays the skill of the moonshiner and expertly welded Braga, but the most important is the recipe of the product.

To obtain a wheat brew, the taste is indistinguishable from vodka, you need to make a starter from the following ingredients: 4 kg of sugar, ground wheat 1 kg, yeast cake 100 g, water 3 liters. Ferment for 5 days put in a warm place, after their expiration, add 5 kg of sugar, 300 g yeast and 18 liters of water. The resulting mixture is put in a warm place for one week. When Braga will be bitter and bright, it needs to drain and overtake. Waste from straining too, you can make a drink, it is enough to add a bucket of water, 3 kg sugar, 150 grams of yeast, and twice to overtake.

To create moonshine "Medoc" you need to take 3 kg of honey, 300 g of yeast and 27 liters of water. Braga for a week, put in a warm place. After distillation should be approximately 7 liters of the brew smooth and rich honey flavor.

To create a special caramel taste of vodka in 20 liters of water was dissolved 300 g yeast and 5 kg caramel candy with any filling to taste. Braga put in 9-10 days in a warm place. After distillation, we get 5 litres of caramel vodka.

Moonshine - based drinks

Now, after repeated distillation and acquisition of the necessary skills from the purest moonshine you can prepare a noble drink. To create absinthe you need 300 grams of anise and 200 g of wormwood pour 10 liters of moonshine. The mixture was infused for two weeks and is distilled again.

To make Kedrovomu", you need 3 liters of moonshine to take 2-3 tablespoons of chopped oak bark, two handfuls of raisins and pine nuts. Infused for two weeks and poured into a clean container.

To create a three-liter jar of brandy, you must take six fresh leaves of lovage, 3 Bud cloves, 3 tablespoons of flowers of Hypericum, two teaspoons to brew black tea and instant coffee. Allow the mixture to steep for a few days and pour into a clean container.

You can also use another recipe to obtain a brandy of vodka. In this case, three liters of vodka take 5 buds of cloves, half nutmeg and 3 tablespoons of chopped oak bark and coffee beans. Insist the mixture for a week and filtered. But ideally, the finished drink should be able to withstand oak barrels in the cellar for 15 years.

Gin can be made at the stage of the second stage. After the first distillation, per liter of brew you need to add 200 g of chopped or crushed juniper berries. The resulting mixture was distilled again.

For the preparation of plum and cherry need to take wrinkled or overripe plum perespevshey cherries and pour the brim with vodka. After six weeks, the beverage can be drained, and berries to throw in sugar syrup. After three weeks, those sugar plums or cherries again mixed with moonshine. Then the mixture is necessary to re-strain and pour into a clean container. The drink will be ready only after six months.
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