You will need
    • For the first recipe:
    • 3 liters of vodka;
    • ½ Cup of walnut membranes;
    • potassium permanganate;
    • spices (cloves
    • Tmin);
    • tea;
    • vanilla sugar;
    • tea (dry leaves);
    • oak bark;
    • citric acid.
    • For the second recipe
    • the tops of wormwood;
    • salt;
    • moonshine
    • med.
    • For the third recipe
    • juniper berries;
    • moonshine.
    • For the fourth recipe
    • anise seeds;
    • moonshine
    • soft water.
Home kogakusha 3 liters of vodka in a jar, add:- potassium permanganate on the tip of a knife (it is necessary to remove fusel oils);
- 7 buds cloves;
- 1 tablespoon caraway seeds, dry tea and vanilla sugar;
lemon acid on a knife tip;
- 0.5 cups of walnut membranes.To give noble "oak" taste (cognac is it because brewed in oak barrels) can be added to an infusion 1 teaspoon of dry oak bark.Close the jar and leave at room temperature for more than a week. Before use, strain.
Wormwood, samogonka cooking 300 grams of the tops of wormwood and 60 grams of salt, pour 12 liters of double-distilled brew and steep a week. On the eighth day, in infusion, add 1.2 kg of honey and re-overtake.
Juniper sloganator moonshine to taste practically does not differ from expensive varieties of gin. To make such a brew, shalt 1.6 kilograms of juniper berries and pour 8 liters of moonshine. Insist at room temperature for 2 weeks. On day 15 will again drive the tincture.
Anise smagorinsky the favorite drink of Peter the Great, who tasted it during their feasts. Well, and you worse? The preparation of the drink – not a quick process, but it's worth it.Shalt in a mortar 200 grams of anise seeds and pour 10 liters of double-distilled moonshine. Insist 28 days. After 4 weeks, pour in infusion of 5 liters of water and over again overtake. Again add the resulting infusion of 200 grams of crushed anise seeds and steep again for 4 weeks. After 4 weeks, filter the infusion and a third dilute soft spring water.