You will need
  • Photos.
Submit a statement of loss in any of the paragraphs of the police, the place of application does not matter. The security services themselves will forward your request to the right place. Be sure to take in a branch ticket-notification about acceptance of your application, otherwise it may be invalid.
Give the most precise readings. Describe the appearance with all the features (scars, blemishes, moles). You must also tell what diseases suffered missing and what features in gesture and gait were present, if any. Tell me, what personal items can you identify the person, for example, watch or jewelry. Don't forget to describe in detail the clothes in which he left the house. Useful information for the investigation will also be information about the circle missing, as well as descriptions of familiar routes.
"Can" smell is one of the things of a man, which he enjoyed before the loss. This will allow odorologičeskie examination. Put on gloves and sterilized the jar using tweezers, put a handkerchief or a Shoe insole. Gloves and tweezers are needed, so that your smell will not be mixed with the scent of the missing. Then close the jar with foil, and on top of the ordinary cap. This way you will be able to save the smell, which will allow to investigate using the handler.
Wait. The duty will conduct an initial investigation. Missing check for health and the accounting base of the interior. Also in the place of loss immediately leave the investigative team. Depending on the finding of a criminal offense will wind up either investigative or criminal case. Depending on the age of the missing law enforcement will have a different character. If the loss of the child will certainly cause a stir, to the loss of an adult would react rather coldly and formally. In any case, do not despair, because if the police are powerless, then you can always contact a private detective Agency.