You will need
  • phone;
  • - a photograph of the missing;
  • - accounts in social networks.
First, try to reach the missing. Perhaps he is not responding or not available, because the battery or just accidentally turn off the phone, and after some time he will be able to pick up the phone.
Call friends and acquaintances of the missing. Find out if he's in or if they know where he might go. Most often the missing children are with friends. Because children can lie and cover each other, you call the parents of the child.
If people are registered in social networks, track online, did not appear whether it is somewhere online. This is a good sign.
Call or go themselves to the institution, where a missing person could be cafes, bars, restaurants, etc. If missing abusing alcohol, call and ask the sobering-up stations have been brought there man like him.
Go to the police. There is a perception that there will be a missing if less than three days. It is not, the statement must take in a day after the man was gone. Police describe everything you can: how was wearing the missing how it looks (better to bring a photo), name all the places where he could appear, list the names of friends and acquaintances.
If the person does not appear for quite some time, if you are already connected to the police, but the results yet, publish an announcement in social networks. Paper ads similar samples can be created in the police, and then print and stick, but the search through the social network is entirely on you. Write the circumstances under which people disappeared, as he was dressed, attach photo, preferably in the same clothes. Ask a friend to distribute on the Internet information. Such measures can provide invaluable help, as the information spreads very quickly. By the way, in social networks there are groups of voluntary search groups. These people can help the police in search of, you can contact them.