Try to contact the police. They have an extensive database of crimes, missing persons. In addition, turning to him, you may help the investigation, which stood in a deadlock, or the person you are searching for so diligently that could shed light on some things. They have the equipment and search methods are unavailable to you (for example, if a person lost in the woods). Here the main thing - not to hesitate, and when the first news to call police Department.
Use social network on the Internet. Now, networks such as vkontakte, facebook, Odnoklassniki grow by leaps and bounds, and there sits a very large number of caring people, many of whom at the time also lost someone. If the missing man himself was in one of these networks, send friends an email with a link to his profile (if there is a picture). Will pollucite community, conventional or specially devoted to this subject. Contact the people on LiveJournal - now it is also a powerful network, which is fast enough to disseminate information.
Turn on the TV. In addition to the classic "Wait for me" surely there is some other transmission that helps search for missing people. Look for some programs on local television: can be, the assistance will not be necessary. Here, of course, you need to know exactly where the missing man, in order to optimize the process of searching.
Contact the hospital and emergency Department where the man was gone. Often people are robbed of wallet with all the paperwork, and the doctors then can't set the name of the next patient. In these cases, your activity is especially important if the patient has some kind of disorder (resulting from the fall, because of a fight with someone, and so on - can happen anything) which he can't tell about myself. Since you can't know what happened to your missing, take action immediately.
No matter how you began to look for a missing person, please note that the maximum of activity need to be in the first few hours. If those first few hours nothing, then turn over large-scale campaign, but these few hours can even save your relative or friend lives. So take itself in hands, do not worry ahead of time and talk coldly: understand that your mind and your shutter speed depends on many things, if not everything.