Contact the Bureau of registration of accidents. BURNS is a police unit working in online mode. There is a daily enters the necessary information from hospitals, morgues, the receivers-distributors, police and territorial police station. Getting information about a missing person, the Bureau compared its description with the available database. Daily Bureau records up to 30 calls. Assistance is provided free of charge. The search stops in 2 cases: if it reported the discovery of a missing and if the person declared dead.
Call "03". It is necessary to clarify, did you have a missing person in one of the hospitals of the city. If wanted was conscious and told his name, that information must be registered in the ambulance service.
Write a statement to the police. For this, you need to contact the police Department at the place of residence and to leave a statement about the loss, be sure to include your contact information. The application can be on duty immediately, regardless of the duration of absence of a missing. To speed up searches should provide more information about the missing person. Specify: special features (scars, tattoos), outdoor signs (which was wearing), data on teeth (no, the presence of crowns, etc.), information about the social circle and lifestyle.
Use the services of private detective agencies. Perhaps we should contact the Agency immediately without waiting for results from the police. In fact, they work through the same channels, and ATS. The only difference is that the detectives are not limited in resources (of course, the customer), have great respect, and not burdened by the daily paperwork. Of course, the services of private detectives are not cheap, but the efficiency of the searches closer to 70 %. Searches are not delayed and rarely lasts longer than a year. As a rule, the first members of the agencies assess the situation: is it possible to find the person. If your loved one went missing more than a year ago, probably the quest not start.
Talk to relatives and friends. Talk to relatives and friends of the missing, find out the circumstances of the fatal day. Maybe someone was near him and can give you valuable information.
Distribute announcements about the loss. Sometimes this method is quite effective. Putting up ads in places of the greatest cross: in the squares, bus stops, metro. In the ad give a detailed description of sought and the circumstances of the disappearance, attach a photo and specify the contact phone. Perhaps someone from a passing word missing and let you know.
Study the Internet. There is a nationwide search sites, where constantly updated information about people searching for loved ones. Give them an ad with a detailed description. And probably the one you seek, he will come to you on bond.