You will need
  • Written application to join the party application form for members of the party, a photo 3x4 (2 PCs), knowledge of the Charter and the party Program, the passport of the citizen of the Russian Federation.
To join the liberal democratic party in the first place, it is necessary that you have shared beliefs and attitudes of the party to life. That your opinion coincides with the bases of the Program of the liberal democratic party, convinced the coordinators (deputies, assistants, members of the coordinating Council or of the auditing Commission regional offices LDPR) on a personal interview and / or written communication.
With the approval of the party coordinators, you will be asked to write a personal written statement about the desire to join the ranks of the liberal democratic party. Will also need to download the application form on the official website of the party and fill it in. The application form you should deliver at any of the nearest branches of LDPR at your residence. The questionnaire included two photos on matte paper, 3x4. Take also a passport of the citizen of the Russian Federation.
There is a possibility of failing in your village, town offices of the liberal democratic party to send information about yourself with the form and passport copy by mail indicating on the envelope the address of the nearest branch of LDPR. Addresses of these offices you can find on the official website of the party.
The coordinator of the regional branch of the party after the decision and application, you give (or mail) your personal party ticket. From that moment you become a member of the liberal democratic party.
A member of the party participates in its activities, has rights and obligations that are spelled out in the Statute. The program and Charter of the party of LDPR everyone to read them can read on the official website of the party, also on web resources of the regional offices.