Advice 1: How to write a letter to Vladimir Zhirinovsky

Vladimir Zhirinovsky has for many years been the founder and permanent leader of the liberal democratic party of Russia (LDPR). He repeatedly ran for President of the Russian Federation, however, still occupies the post of Deputy of the State Duma. Sometimes people ask me how you can write a letter to this prominent politician – and make it pretty easy.
How to write a letter to Vladimir Zhirinovsky

Facts about Vladimir Zhirinovsky

Vladimir Zhirinovsky is not only scandalous politician who constantly makes bright populist statements and very bizarre behavior. He also holds the title of doctor of philosophy and the author of more than five hundred books, one hundred of which were issued by the publishers under the loud name "the Political classics". In addition, Zhirinovsky throughout his political career, positioned himself as an ardent defender of the rights of the Russian population living on the territory of the Russian Federation and abroad.

People write letters to Vladimir Zhirinovsky, because he often helps those in need to solve certain problems.

In contemporary Russian politics by a single member is not paying as much attention to his political PR. Vladimir Zhirinovsky is constantly involved in various TV shows, acted in Russian cinema, writes Patriotic songs in their own performance in the recording studios and even producing alcoholic beverages under his own name. For his promotion Zhirinovsky, and he uses events from his personal life – for example, visits the grave of his father in the presence of journalists and TV cameras.

A Letter Zhirinovsky

Write a letter to Vladimir Zhirinovsky in several ways, but the likelihood of getting a letter in the hands of the addressee is quite low. First it will pass through the clerks or secretaries of the Deputy, who will either respond on behalf of Zhirinovsky, or did not answer. However, the likelihood that Vladimir Zhirinovsky will receive a letter actually exists – most importantly, do not forget to specify the correct return address.

To the Deputy was interested in the letter, it is necessary to handle serious issues, not things like hamyang staff housing office.

The first way is to send email to the liberal democratic party of Russia in the name of Vladimir Zhirinovsky. A regular letter can be sent at the address: Moscow, Lukov pereulok, Dom 9, postal code 107045 (also in the name of V. V. Zhirinovsky).

Written communication can also dictate to the secretaries of the Deputy by phone 8(495) 692-92-42 or 8(495) 692-11-95 or 8(495) 692-92-42. In addition, the email message in the name of Zhirinovsky can be sent to the State Duma or Fax to the public phone: 8(495) 697-42-58.

Advice 2: How to write in the Duma

By the Constitution and Federal laws of our country citizens are guaranteed timely consideration of their appeals to various government agencies, including the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation.
How to write in the Duma
A letter to the State Duma can be sent by mail to the address: 103265, Moscow, Okhotny Ryad street, building 1.A written appeal can be brought personally to the admission of the State Duma, located to the address: Moscow, Mokhovaya str., building 7 (metro "Biblioteka im. V. I. Lenin") from 9.00 to 17.00, Friday until 16.00 hours. Reception is open every day (except weekends and holidays) and works without a lunch break.You can send letters and Fax at (495) 697-42-58.The written appeal must specify the surname, name, patronymic and the mailing address on which should be directed the answer. Should set out the essence of the proposal, statement or complaint, put his signature and date.
You can send the e-form through official web portal of the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation (the web page with a form for citizens - If the call contains nested content, it should be sent to Form submission in a single file without archiving. Acceptable formats are txt, doc, rtf, xls, pps, ppt, pdf, jpg, bmp, png, tif, gif, pcx, mp3, and avi. File size should be no more than 1.5 MB (such are the technical limitations of the postal system of the State Duma).
It must be borne in mind that in your town (district) and region councils of deputies and regional Duma. They also accept appeals in a different form. In addition, it is not difficult to get on to local MPs and to discuss personally relevant to you topic.
Appeal to the deputies of the State Duma, arrived in the form of an electronic document in the General reception, without consideration of the treatment are sent directly to the MP who receives the letter.

An appeal in which the citizen is appealing the decision of the court, is returned to the author with an explanation of the procedure to appeal this court decision.
Useful advice
Your appeal to the State Duma has considered faster, you must specify the name of the structural subdivisions of the Council, which sent the request, or the surname, name and patronymic of the corresponding official.

Information about the status of your application is available by phones: (495) 629-68-27 (495) 629-69-75

Advice 3: How to write a letter to the liberal democratic party

To write and send a letter to the office of the liberal democratic party, you can use the traditional method of sending messages through Mail of Russia or resort to email.
How to write a letter to the liberal democratic party
Write a message with your e-mail box with a brief note in the subject about the reason for writing. Send it to the following address of the public reception office of Vladimir Zhirinovsky in the Central office of the liberal democratic party If you don't want to write the message from your mailbox, go to the website of the liberal democratic party, in the horizontal menu, select the "Contacts" section. In the window that opens, use the link to send a message to the address of a public reception.
Refer to the instruction manual of the liberal democratic party in the message on paper. Put the paper in an envelope, make sure it has a stamp needed to send messages through the territory of the Russian Federation. Send an email at the address: 107045, Moscow, Lukov pereulok, 9. This is the address of the public reception of the Central office of the liberal democratic party.
Please visit the official website of the liberal democratic party, in order to find the contact information of regional offices in which you want to write. Note the horizontal menu located on the home page under the emblem of the party. Hover over the second item in this menu "Batch". On hover you will see a pop-up submenus, which include the program Charter and the anthem of the liberal democratic party. In this line you need the item "Regions", it is the third on the right. Click on it. On the opened page you will see a list of subjects of the Russian Federation in alphabetical order. Select the desired region. On the page of the desired territorial branch of the party find the actual address in the administrative center of a constituent entity of the Russian Federation or the e-mail address. For example, in the Kirov region you can write a letter to the coordinator of the regional branch of the political party LDPR Metelevo Vladimir and send it to the address 610017, Kirov, Oktyabrsky prospect, D. 90. An email can be sent to
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