You will need
  • computer;
  • is a text Word;
  • data student (name, year of birth);
  • - signature of the class teacher;
  • - the signature of the Director of the educational institution;
  • - the seal of the educational institution.
When drawing up the specifications for admission to the school, use a computer text program Word. This will enable the most competently and correctly reflect all the nuances.
Collect data on applicants to the school of the entrant, which must be accurate and include his full name, surname, patronymic, place and duration of training, year of birth, contain information about the received education.
Talk with the class teacher of the student who will enroll in an educational institution. Ask him to make detailed information on the student reflecting the knowledge, skills and abilities acquired throughout the training period.
Having the full list of all the information, shape the characteristics required for the applicant to provide it to the admissions office of the institution.
Start writing from the top centre of the sheet. The word "Characteristics," written with a capital letter, enter student data, containing surname, name, patronymic, date of birth, name and location of the finished universities.
Specify the time period during which the student was trained, provide detailed information about the acquired knowledge, effort and achievements, abilities, qualities, skills, based on information received from the teacher data.
Reflect the characteristics of how conscientiously, responsibly and actively student has shown themselves by taking part in public activities in the educational institution.
Describe the moral qualities of the student, evaluate his relationships among peers and within the family. Specify the full name of the institution, which is to get the document.
Sign is composed of the characteristic of the first class teacher of the student, inviting him to carefully read the text of the document and check it for compliance with the written information, and then Director of the educational institution, making sure its appropriate seal.