As a rule, to fill the specifications you give the sample. In many institutions, they vary, but there are always a few common items. You must indicate the surname, name and patronymic of the child, date of birth and place of permanent residence.
Note the point at which you will inform about the physical development of your child. Here you should specify all the chronic diseases, how often the child is prone to colds. Inform about the possibility of the medical ban on any physical exercise. If a child requires permanent medication, don't forget to mention that.
Please indicate what relationship you have with your child. Whether or not he helps you with the housework. What are his household duties. How your child independent.
Be sure to inform about how a child interacts with their peers. Free in communication or Vice versa – shy and closed.
Imagine teachers information about the Hobbies of the child. It can be reading books, drawing, music classes. Perhaps your child loves to visit the pool or dancing.
Pay attention at the description of the development of speech. How well the child speaks, what is the extent of his vocabulary. Exist or no speech defects.
Mention the features of the behavior of the child. Whether or not he is aggressive? Or on the contrary is calm. Does perseverance. Or the opposite - too restless.
Now tell us about how other children treat your child. How willing they are to play with him, whether he was popular in kindergarten. Whether it was in communication conflicts.How to write a psychological characteristic will tell you a kindergarten teacher or a teacher of the school which your child attends. He spends a lot of time with them, and they know some character traits of your child, sometimes unknown to you.