The first document will be the motion. Write it to the head (head) of the organization that you requested. The name of the leader and the organization name is written in the upper right corner. This document must be referenced by the regulations, orders, provisions of the organization. The document must be signed by the Director and stamped.
The second document is an extract from the minutes of the meeting of the pedagogical Council. It must specify the number of the present members of the team. The agenda of the illuminate only the question that is required in this case. Then specify the speaking and the nature of their performances. This may be the class teacher or the Deputy Director in educational work. At the end of the document specify the resolution.
The third document will be a statement quarter, annual, exam and final grades. It put the grades in all subjects. This document is also to be certified by the Director. If the view to the promotion shall be made for training activities, to issue such a statement is not necessary.
Now write the characteristics of a disciple. Take the model of the graduate of the degree that corresponds to the student. It will reflect the cognitive activity, the willingness and ability to continue their education. Describe the life and moral position of the student, relevant to social work. Give psychological personality assessment: the degree of seriousness, sociability, initiative. Rate the culture of personality, which is expressed in relation to friends, adults, people of other nationalities and faith. Pay attention to the achievements of the student , both academically and in sports, cultural activities. Mark, what talents he possesses.