Specify the name, surname and patronymic of the child. Date and place of birth, the address at which the child is registered. The language in which they are raised at home and in kindergarten. If it's different languages, indicate the reason (nationality of parents).
Specify how long he enrolled in the kindergarten. Deals specifically under your supervision (if you are a teacher). Hunting whether the child goes to kindergarten, how often do flow, for what reason (if illness, please specify the disease).
How is the relationship of the child with a peer educator. He is gregarious enough, if it is closed, specify the reason (temperament, family conflicts, etc.)
Describe how the child independent. Whether it complies with the rules of personal hygiene, whether to dress themselves, tie shoelaces, etc.
As it relates to the classroom, it is enough if it is active. What types of classes the child appear to be particularly complex, which, on the contrary, like. Plodding child during class, how quickly it switches from one activity to another, how he is self-critical and independent runtime sessions.
Describe how the child relates to work. What is interesting to do, bring it to the end of the job, I wonder if he could finish the job? List the types of work activities in which the child most like to do. Himself if he takes the initiative to work or it needs some way to motivate.
As he positions himself in the game, what roles you like to try on. What comes out of critical situations (crying, getting his way, complains to the teacher). What causes the caregiver the most fear, at what points in the child's behavior is to draw the attention of parents and teachers.