Find out the child's personal data. In the feature you must specify the name, surname, patronymic, date of birth, information on parents (in some cases), complete or incomplete family.
Describe the physical development of the child. If you have any preferences to any sport, highlight it, noting current achievements. Don't forget about the harmful habits.
Some characteristics are requested to specify the conditions of education. These data you can obtain from a child, his parents, friends family and also from my own observations. Be sure to write who received the information. Tell us what you think about the influence of family climate on the child's condition.
Tell us about the interests and Hobbies of the child. You should start with studying how well he learns the material, describe its relationship to objects (diligent, hardworking, not paying enough attention, etc.). Highlight the most interesting child educational region. Go to the description of extra-curricular interests: what sections are visited, as a constant level of dedication, how deep is your ward is studying something.
Pay special attention to intellectual development. Here it is necessary to specify what kind of memory is more developed, and how well remembers, ability to analyze and synthesis data, own thinking, logic of judgements. How developed is the ability to switch attention and focus on the subject studied. Specify whether the pursuit of self-education.
Assess the emotional state of the individual. In this case, use the data received from the psychologist, as well as his own observations.
Rate the level of communication skills, ability to work in a team, participation in the public life of class and school, relations with the opposite sex. How developed the child's moral and ethical values.
Specify the level of self-esteem of the child. Adequate if she a help or a hindrance in work, achieving goals and building relationships with the team.
Summarize its characteristics on the child. Highlight the positive qualities of the person. Note that you can and should change, how to best carry out the correction. Make a conclusion whether the child is fit to the activities which make up the characteristic.