You will need
  • - bonder gel, gel Polish, gel UltraScale;
  • brush;
  • - foam sponge;
  • plastic pusher for cuticles.
Apply a thin coat of bonder gel alternately on the surface of each nail with a brush. Wait until the surface of your nails will acquire a matte finish. If not, then the gel is applied in too large quantity. Remove the excess dry foam sponge.
1 minute place your hand in the UV lamp for polymerization of the gel. While the nails of one hand dry up under UV rays, apply gel on the nails of the other hand. After polymerization of the gel is tacky dispersion layer is not clear. On top of this layer you can put on the nail transparent firming gel and cure 30 seconds in UV lamp. This will be the base for applying gel Polish.
With a brush apply a small amount of gel-Polish over the sticky dispersion layer of gel. Very carefully lay the gelPolish in the cuticle area and seal the end area of the nail. Remove excess gel from around the nail the skin or cuticles with plastic pusher. For polymerization of the gel Polish, alternately for 3 minutes place hands in the UV lamp.
When working with gel-varnish , follow this procedure:• apply gelPolish on the little finger of the right hand;• place the little finger for 5 seconds in a UV light, and in the meantime apply gelPolish on the little finger of the left hand, then switch hands sometimes;• alternate the sequence of laying and curing of the gel on the nails of both hands, so prevent the leaking of gel on the cuticle and periungual skin.
In the end apply a thin layer UltraScale gel on the surface of each nail. Apply the gel to the thickness of its layer was a minimum at the free edge of the nail and near the cuticle. Make alternate sealing each nail ultraparallel gel, seal the sides and free edge of the nail. In the future this layer will protect the nail from chipping or peeling. Excess gel, remove the plastic pusher.
Put your hand in the UV machine for one minute to cure transparent gel ultraparallel. The dispersion layer, remove with a sponge soaked in a mixture "Cleanser plus", use one sponge for 2-3 nail. Time has not replaced the sponge will lead to the fading of the gel coat.
Thoroughly wash and dry your hands. Massage movements RUB nail oil into the skin around the nail and cuticles.