Correction of the nail gel is a gel overlay on the regrown part of the nail. Correction should be carried out every 2-3 weeks, depending on the growth of your nail plate.
Nail correction is performed in the following order. Initially the hands should be treated with special disinfectants to remove the old varnish, if any, had been done.
Then gently roll back the cuticle from the nail plate to correct nail to protect it, thus it is necessary to use emollient for cuticle care. Remember that during correction it is desirable to use the wire cutters (only if absolutely necessary). Then a special nail file to treat the places of detachment of the gel from the nail plate or deformation. This should be done very carefully to avoid damaging living nail. Clean, dry and glue this part.
The next step - using the blade remove the portion of the material with nails, while motion of the saw must be parallel to the nail. Then disinfect the nails and treat them with special tools that do not adversely impact and supports normal condition of the nail plate.
After these preparatory stages lay the material using on each nail a drop of gel (more than the norm should not be used). The gel should not come into contact with the skin of the fingers. It is not recommended to apply the gel on a few nails, you need to work with each nail separately. Then the nails should be dipped in a special light (in the order of applying the gel) and the gel hardens in 20 seconds. After applying the gel on all fingers put hands in the lamp for another 2 minutes to secure the result.
In conclusion, treat the posted material with the blade so that the nails were smooth and neat. The nail surface must Shine. Then you need to wash your hands and apply varnish, as well as means of mitigation and protection not only for nails but also for hands. The correction can be completed with a hand massage.